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This blog, written for those who took a P.E.T. Class, so you will see content and terminology that may not be familiar to you. If you’d like to sign up for a class, online book club or become a Certified P.E.T. Instructor, please click on linked text or you can contact us:  family@gordontraining.com or 800.628.1197

Why Active Listening is Good for Your Brain” – September 2021
Do Your Kids Really Know You?” – August 2021
No Blog Posted – Jul 2021
What are Values and How Do They Impact Your Family Life” – Jun 2021
Listening in the Time of a Pandemic – May 2021
Let’s Talk About Boundaries – Apr 2021
Do You Like Yourself as a Parent? – Mar 2021
How to Talk More With Your Kids – Feb 2021
What Precisely Is the P.E.T. Method of Parenting? – Jan 2021
Love to Listen, But I CAN’T EVEN: What to Do in Case of Emotional Flooding – Dec 2020
Is That Really Your Need? – Nov 2020
Tales from a P.E.T. Kid…Who became a P.E.T. Instructor… – Oct 2020
Who’s Helping the Parents? – Sep 2020
Using Active Listening When Your Child is Upset – Aug 2020
Tips on How to Handle Values Collisions in the Age of COVID-19 – Jul 2020
Why Don’t More Dads Come to Parent Effectiveness Training Classes? – Jun 2020
Is Your Primary Relationship With Your Spouse? – May 2020
Listening to Your Kids in Times of Stress – Apr 2020
Using Better Communication Skills in Times of Crisis – Mar 2020
Here’s to Thomas O’Gordon’s Clever Endeavor – Mar 2020
What Makes a Good Relationship? – Feb 2020
“With Parent Effectiveness Training, I feel understood.” – Jan 2020
“Practicing What I Preach: P.E.T. Interview with Lance Johnson, father of two and employee of Gordon Training International” – Dec 2019
“Yes, I want to die.” – Nov 2019
“A GPS for Your Relationship: Problem Ownership and the Behavior Window – a basic tutorial” – Oct 2019
“I’d rather be your partner in this than your warden.” P.E.T. Kid Interview Part 3 – Sep 2019
“I understand.” P.E.T. Kid Interview Part 2 – Sep 2019
“I had a very wonderful, peaceful childhood.” P.E.T. Kid Interview Part 1 – Sept 2019
“I like how we do things in my family.” P.E.T. Kid Interview – Aug 2019
“I am enough” P.E.T. Kid Interview – Jul 2019
No Blog Posted
– Jun 2019
No Blog Posted
– May 2019
Parents, Can You Become More Accepting of Yourselves? – Apr 2019
Whose Children Are They? – Mar 2019
Parents, Are Your Values and Beliefs the Only True Ones? – Feb 2019
Parenting Resources For You – Jan 2019
No Blog Posted
– Dec 2018

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