It began in Pasadena, California (60th Anniversary Video)

It began in a rented meeting room in a cafeteria in Pasadena, California—where Dr. Gordon taught the first P.E.T., Parent Effectiveness Training, class in 1962—60 years ago!

We invite you to take a look at the video we created (<-link to our parenting channel on YouTube) that chronicles our history–how we began and where we are today.

We honor Dr. Gordon and are grateful for his brilliant ideas that continue to help parents, kids, teachers and leaders, and that make the world a better place.

We also honor all of our instructors, trainers, representatives, graduates, friends, family, those who help the GTI team here in the USA and ourselves—together, we make it possible for people to learn the amazing Gordon Model. Together, we are helping families have more empathic, healthier, respectful and loving relationships.

We wish you a happy and merry everything—and may you have a joyful holiday season!

Your friends at Gordon Training.

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