P.E.T. On-site Workshops

on site parent training parenting workshopWe can send one of our certified P.E.T. Instructors to your site for a P.E.T. workshop that caters to your organization or group’s needs. We can cater in-class exercises to specifically address your organization or group’s issues so topics will resonate with participants’ experiences, thus increasing their involvement. (Please note that this workshop is not for those seeking to become P.E.T. Instructors. If that’s your interest, please see this page.)

P.E.T. On-site Pricing

This private P.E.T. Workshop is $6,495 and includes a P.E.T. Participant Set for each person. There is a minimum of eight persons and a maximum of 20. The P.E.T. Instructor’s travel, lodging and meals is additional.

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