L.E.T. Online and Workshop Options

2021 L.E.T. Workshop Dates, Online Book Clubs, Online Coaching

We have in-person workshops, online L.E.T. book clubs (public and private) and we also offer online coaching for L.E.T. Graduates. Our calendar for workshops and book clubs is below.

In-person workshops are led by certified independent L.E.T. Facilitators.  They are 2 (ten persons max) or 3 days (20 persons max) in length.

Our online L.E.T. book clubs contain ten sessions, are 40 minutes in length and are led by Master L.E.T. Facilitators–they are available for private book clubs as well.

Here’s a testimonial from an L.E.T. online book member:

“This virtual book club is a great way to slow down and grow/learn for 40 minutes a week. I am able to learn from some smart fellow members who are ‘sharpening the saw’ at a very busy (crazy) time for all of us. Each week we discuss the L.E.T. concepts and how we are applying them in our lives, how hard it is to change our approach to listening and leading to become more effective on the job (and at home). We have lots of laughs and lots of ‘ah-ha’ moments, too. Dr. Bill is a great facilitator for this kind of learning. Thank you for scheduling this book club!” – Tim M.

If you landed here and don’t know what L.E.T. is all about, please visit this page to learn more about this program…and you can also check out this super short, cool video on our style of leadership training.   But continue on if you’re familiar with L.E.T. and are ready to enroll in a workshop!

If your company prefers a private On-Site Workshop (we send a trainer to you for 8 to 20 participants) we can bring the training experience to your location on dates that are convenient to you. Click here to read about the different delivery options for companies, or email us at: workplace@gordontraining.com for more information. L.E.T. Workshop Tuition includes one set of L.E.T. Participant Materials. Tuition: $1,695. Independent consultants and Military (active or retired) Tuition: $1,395. Click here to download the registration form to email or fax to us.

Contact us for more information and/or to enroll in a workshop or book club:  800.628.1197 or workplace@gordontraining.com

2021 L.E.T. In-Person Workshops & Online Book Clubs Calendar
Dates Location
Jan 27-29 In-person L.E.T. Workshop – Safety Harbor, FL
Jan 27-Mar 31 Online (Zoom) L.E.T. Book Club  10:30 am (Mountain Time);Wednesdays, 40 min/10 meetings
Jan 27-Mar 31 Online (Zoom) L.E.T. Book Club  12:30 pm (Mountain Time);Wednesdays, 40 min/10 meetings
Mar 23-25 In-person L.E.T. Workshop – Ash Flat, AR
May 11-12 In-person L.E.T. Workshop – Welch, OK
Jun 22-24 In-person L.E.T. Workshop – Tulsa (Bixby), OK
2021 L.E.T. Facilitator Certification Calendar
Dates Location
Apr 12-16 Certification Workshop – Solana Beach, CA (Steve Crandall)
Sep 20-24 Certification Workshop – Solana Beach, CA (Bill Stinnett/Meike Lemmens)

For more information, please contact us:

Tel: 800.628.1197, ext. 308

Em: workplace@gordontraining.com