P.E.T. Instructor Certification

parent effectiveness training workshop certification p.e.t.

“Life changing experience. What a fantastic investment in one’s life! Highly, highly recommended!” – Marie L.

“I attended the P.E.T. Instructor Training on a gut feeling, and am so glad I did. Meike’s [workshop instructor] teaching and all the interactions with the other participants made for an impactful and memorable experience. I have taught a few in-person workshops and several book clubs. With each experience I learn, grow and ease deeper into the principles and skills of P.E.T. I am thankful for P.E.T. in my life and family, and for the opportunity to share P.E.T. with others! ” – Angela B.

“Dr. Gordon’s influence in my life has been substantial. My parents took a P.E.T. course in the 70’s and raised our family using his methods. I am ever grateful for their decision, as I was always treated as an equal, listened to, and actively participated in solving problems. The approach instilled a strong sense of responsibility in us at a very young age, which included the ability to see the world from my parents’ point of view. The method provided our family a model for communication that preserved the quality and openness of our relationship throughout my childhood and teen years, making life easier for us and for our parents. My parents did not have to resort to blame, punishment, or force to solve family problems. I loved growing up in this environment and feel passionate about helping others create it as well, which is why I decided to become a P.E.T. trainer.”  – Instructor

“I got certified last year and that week was one of the BEST in my life. Since then, I have gotten to live my dream of sharing these concrete, paradigm shifting skills with 24 important and special people. I love my calling – do it!”  – Catherine B.

“Just do it. It will change your life!” – Christa W.

Ask yourself:

1. Is supporting others on their journey to become better versions of themselves something you are passionate about?
2. Are you empathic?
3. Are you capable of allowing a parent to take the lead in owning and finding solutions to their problems?
4. Are you able to create a safe space; free of prejudice, blame, and criticism, to allow another person in making decisions about their relationships?
5. Do you enjoy teaching/facilitating?

If you’ve answered yes to all of the questions above, then you might consider becoming a Certified Parent Effectiveness Training Instructor!

Becoming a Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) Instructor enables you to facilitate this comprehensive prestigious program within your community or organization. Here is more information on the Instructor Training Workshop, instructor certification, and more.

About the Workshop and Certification

This Instructor Training Workshop is based on a “learning-by-doing” model.  It combines instruction in the core content and skills with exercises providing practice in dealing with group dynamics and the process of teaching and facilitating Gordon Training programs.

Becoming a P.E.T. Instructor is a 3-step process:

  • Step 1 – Complete a P.E.T. Class (Online or In-Person) with a P.E.T. Instructor (click here to view our class calendar).
  • Step 2 – Successfully complete a 5 1/2 day* Instructor Training Workshop.
  • Step 3 – Teach a qualifying P.E.T. Class and submit the participant evaluations to Gordon Training for review, final approval and instructor certification.

P.E.T. Instructor Training Workshop

This workshop design is based on a “learning-by-doing” model.  It combines instruction in the core content and skills from the P.E.T. model with exercises providing practice in dealing with group dynamics and the process of teaching and facilitating the P.E.T. class.   The tuition is $2,695* and includes the P.E.T. Instructor Kit.  Please note that there is an application process to complete prior to confirming your attendance.  This workshop is exclusively for those who want to market and teach P.E.T. Classes within their community.

*Register by May 4, 2023 and qualify for our Early Bird rate of $2,395

2023 P.E.T. Instructor Trainer Workshop
Oct 15-20 (Sun-Fri)* San Diego, CA (In-Person) Contact Us

Important notice:  Because we believe in protecting all participants in our workshops as well as our Master Trainer from possible exposure to the COVID-19 virus, all participants must provide reasonable proof that they have been fully vaccinated prior to their attendance at one of our workshops. Gordon Training International (GTI) adheres to all CDC guidelines and the State of California mandates. The venue of the workshop may also have their own COVID 19 requirements. Once registered, each participant must sign and return a written waiver releasing GTI from liability regarding exposure to the COVID-19 virus while at the workshop, prior to your arrival.

*Workshop hours: Sunday = 5:00 pm-8:00 pm, Monday through Friday = 8:30 am-5:30 pm

2019 SD P.E.T. Instructor Training Workshop Group Photo funPrivate, Onsite P.E.T. Instructor Training

We can send one of our Master P.E.T. Trainers to your organization for a private workshop for six to ten persons. This 5 1/2 day intensive workshop will effectively prepare candidates to teach P.E.T. classes. The workshop consists of discussion, skill-building exercises, group activities and lots of practice teaching. This workshop is designed for those will be teaching either on their own in their community, through an agency, private practice.

Pricing for the P.E.T. On-site Workshop includes the P.E.T. Instructor Kit. Per person, the tuition is $2,695. The Master Trainer’s travel, lodging and meals are additional.

Want to learn more?  Call or email us for more information and/or to receive an application for enrollment: 800.628.1197 or email us at: family@gordontraining.com

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