L.E.T. Newsletter – “The L.E.T. Connection”

This blog, written for those who took an L.E.T. (or L.E.T. Refresher or Conflict Resolution Workshop), so you will see content and terminology that may not be familiar to you. If you’d like to sign up for a workshop or online book club, please contact us:  workplace@gordontraining.com or 800.628.1197

What’s the Most Effective Way to Confront Someone  – November 2020
What Do You Do When Someone Uses Power Over You?  – October 2020
Isn’t Active Listening Just Another Way to Manipulate People?  – September 2020
“But I Was Just Trying To Help…”  – August 2020
Now Offering: Online Coaching! Plus Tips on Handling COVID-19 Values Collisions – July 2020
How to Say No with Respect for Yourself and Others – June 2020
How Active Listening Helped Me Get “Unstuck” – May 2020
How to Speak Up Without Damaging Your Relationships – April 2020
Using Better Communication Skills in Times of Crisis – March 2020 2nd Edition
So How Are Your L.E.T. Skills Coming Along? – March 2020
How L.E.T. Supports Google’s 10 “Best Boss” Behaviors – February 2020
What’s the First Step in a Conflict? Define the problem. – January 2020
A Perfect Recipe (with Zero Calories!) for Lasting Change – December 2019
Helpful Leadership Tools: How to Deal with Resistance a la Shifting Gears – November 2019
How to Mediate Conflicts at Work – October 2019
No Blog Posted – August 2019
How to Create a Positive Climate at Work. – September 2019
No Blog Posted – August 2019
Empathy: You Keep Saying That Word.  I Do No Think Means What You Think It Means. – July 2019
Quick! What “Personality Style” Is the Person Sitting Next to You? – June 2019
Helpful Tips for Shifting Gears More Smoothly – May 2019
L.E.T.: In the Service of Something Greater Than Itself – April 2019
Happy St. Patrick’s Day to You! – March 2019
How to Avoid the Dangerous Habit of Glopping – February 2019
How to Preserve Your Reputation When You’re Feeling Angry – January 2019
No Blog Posted – December 2018
Don’t Leave Empathy Behind Online–And That’s Harder Than You Might Think – November 2018
Sears and Google: A Tale of Two Leadership Philosophies – October 2018
Skip to the End: Binging, Storytelling, Impatience, and the Surprising Benefit of Basic Listening Skills – September 2018
Does Your Company Have a Solution$ Graveyard? You Might Need Better Problem-Solving Skills – August 2018
An Introduction to Leader Effectiveness Training, a Program for Everyone – July 2018
Are People Getting Lost in the Process of Lean Management? – June 2018
Leadership Quotes to Inspire and Educate from Dr. Thomas Gordon – May 2018
Let’s Talk About Our Feelings. (Did Anybody Just Flinch?) – April 2018
Won’t You Be My Neighbor? The Leadership Secrets of Mister Rogers – February 2018
The Classroom versus the Computer: Or, Can You Learn Communication Skills behind a Screen? – January 2018
Does Leader Effectiveness Training Give You a Competitive Advantage? – December 2017
Leadership Skills Are the Prerequisite for Training ROI-And The Result – November 2017
A Gordon Model Glossary: Ten Terms and Concepts for an Anytime Refresher – October 2017
Before Active Listening – September 2017
We Need to Talk About…How We Talk About…Values Collisions in the Workplace – August 2017
I-Messages in the “Toxic” Zone: Sometimes, They’re the Only Skill That’s Left – July 2017
Behavior and Acceptance: A Constantly Moving Target  – June 2017
Why Shouldn’t We Compromise?  – May 2017
Is Your Brain Capable of Empathy?  – April 2017
Welcome to Leadership! Good…Luck? – March 2017
“I Win, You Lose”: A Case Study in Method I Leadership – February 2017
Needs and Leadership: The Costs of Using and Abusing Power – January 2017
Having Trouble Talking About the Election? (A tutorial on GLOP)  – December 2016
Active E-Listening: Is That Even a Thing?  – November 2016
Seven Best Practices for Problem-Solving Meetings – October 2016
Bad Leadership Up Close and Personal: A Case Study – September 2016
Pokémon Go: It’s Awesome! It’s Stupid! It’s…Causing Conflicts – August 2016
The Four Stages of Learning: They’re a Circle, Not a Straight Line – July 2016
Powerful Words on Power from a Non-Power Person – June 2016
So, Who Owns The Problem Now? – May 2016
Why Can’t I Just Learn Better Communication Skills through Online Modules? – April 2016
What to Do When Rules Are Broken – March 2016
What to Do When Your Needs Are Being Blocked by Your Leader – February 2016
Do You Know What Every Leader Should Know? – January 2016
Do You Have Managers Who Lack People Skills? – December 2015
Why Dr. Thomas Gordon’s “Leader Effectiveness Training” is Classroom-based – November 2015
Helpful Stuff to Improve Your Leadership Skills – October 2015
Do You Use Power to Resolve Your Conflicts? – September 2015
Are You A Helicopter Leader? – July 2015
What to Do When There Are Conflicts Between Leaders and All Group Members – June 2015
You Know What They Say: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure – May 2015
What If I Need to Send an E “I-Message”? – April 2015
On Loons and Leadership – March 2015
Addicted to Power: Why Bad Leadership Habits are Hard to Break – February 2015
What To Do When Emotions Run High – January 2015
Listening to the Sound of Silence – December 2014
How to Keep the Peace During the Holidays – November 2014
How the Gordon Model Can Help Your Company Succeed – Stories from Two Clients – October 2014
Help! I Can’t Stop Solving! – September 2014
What To Do When Office Friendships Backfire – August 2014
So How Good Are Your Leadership Skills – July 2014
How To Increase Productive Work Time – June 2014
So…What I Hear You Saying Is… – May 2014

(We have been sending the “L.E.T. [Graduate] Connection” for over 20 years but only have archived issues here since 2014.)