L.E.T. Newsletter – “The L.E.T. Connection”

“But I Was Just Trying To Help…”  – August 2020
Now Offering: Online Coaching! Plus Tips on Handling COVID-19 Values Collisions – July 2020
How to Say No with Respect for Yourself and Others – June 2020
How Active Listening Helped Me Get “Unstuck” – May 2020
How to Speak Up Without Damaging Your Relationships – April 2020
Using Better Communication Skills in Times of Crisis – March 2020 2nd Edition
So How Are Your L.E.T. Skills Coming Along? – March 2020
How L.E.T. Supports Google’s 10 “Best Boss” Behaviors – February 2020
What’s the First Step in a Conflict? Define the problem. – January 2020
A Perfect Recipe (with Zero Calories!) for Lasting Change – December 2019
Helpful Leadership Tools: How to Deal with Resistance a la Shifting Gears – November 2019
How to Mediate Conflicts at Work – October 2019
No Blog Posted – August 2019
How to Create a Positive Climate at Work. – September 2019
No Blog Posted – August 2019
Empathy: You Keep Saying That Word.  I Do No Think Means What You Think It Means. – July 2019
Quick! What “Personality Style” Is the Person Sitting Next to You? – June 2019
Helpful Tips for Shifting Gears More Smoothly – May 2019
L.E.T.: In the Service of Something Greater Than Itself – April 2019
Happy St. Patrick’s Day to You! – March 2019
How to Avoid the Dangerous Habit of Glopping – February 2019
How to Preserve Your Reputation When You’re Feeling Angry – January 2019
No Blog Posted – December 2018
Don’t Leave Empathy Behind Online–And That’s Harder Than You Might Think – November 2018
Sears and Google: A Tale of Two Leadership Philosophies – October 2018
Skip to the End: Binging, Storytelling, Impatience, and the Surprising Benefit of Basic Listening Skills – September 2018
Does Your Company Have a Solution$ Graveyard? You Might Need Better Problem-Solving Skills – August 2018
An Introduction to Leader Effectiveness Training, a Program for Everyone – July 2018
Are People Getting Lost in the Process of Lean Management? – June 2018
Leadership Quotes to Inspire and Educate from Dr. Thomas Gordon – May 2018
Let’s Talk About Our Feelings. (Did Anybody Just Flinch?) – April 2018
Won’t You Be My Neighbor? The Leadership Secrets of Mister Rogers – February 2018
The Classroom versus the Computer: Or, Can You Learn Communication Skills behind a Screen? – January 2018
Does Leader Effectiveness Training Give You a Competitive Advantage? – December 2017
Leadership Skills Are the Prerequisite for Training ROI-And The Result – November 2017
A Gordon Model Glossary: Ten Terms and Concepts for an Anytime Refresher – October 2017
Before Active Listening – September 2017
We Need to Talk About…How We Talk About…Values Collisions in the Workplace – August 2017
I-Messages in the “Toxic” Zone: Sometimes, They’re the Only Skill That’s Left – July 2017
Behavior and Acceptance: A Constantly Moving Target  – June 2017
Why Shouldn’t We Compromise?  – May 2017
Is Your Brain Capable of Empathy?  – April 2017
Welcome to Leadership! Good…Luck? – March 2017
“I Win, You Lose”: A Case Study in Method I Leadership – February 2017
Needs and Leadership: The Costs of Using and Abusing Power – January 2017
Having Trouble Talking About the Election? (A tutorial on GLOP)  – December 2016
Active E-Listening: Is That Even a Thing?  – November 2016
Seven Best Practices for Problem-Solving Meetings – October 2016
Bad Leadership Up Close and Personal: A Case Study – September 2016
Pokémon Go: It’s Awesome! It’s Stupid! It’s…Causing Conflicts – August 2016
The Four Stages of Learning: They’re a Circle, Not a Straight Line – July 2016
Powerful Words on Power from a Non-Power Person – June 2016
So, Who Owns The Problem Now? – May 2016
Why Can’t I Just Learn Better Communication Skills through Online Modules? – April 2016
What to Do When Rules Are Broken – March 2016
What to Do When Your Needs Are Being Blocked by Your Leader – February 2016
Do You Know What Every Leader Should Know? – January 2016
Do You Have Managers Who Lack People Skills? – December 2015
Why Dr. Thomas Gordon’s “Leader Effectiveness Training” is Classroom-based – November 2015
Helpful Stuff to Improve Your Leadership Skills – October 2015
Do You Use Power to Resolve Your Conflicts? – September 2015
Are You A Helicopter Leader? – July 2015
What to Do When There Are Conflicts Between Leaders and All Group Members – June 2015
You Know What They Say: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure – May 2015
What If I Need to Send an E “I-Message”? – April 2015
On Loons and Leadership – March 2015
Addicted to Power: Why Bad Leadership Habits are Hard to Break – February 2015
What To Do When Emotions Run High – January 2015
Listening to the Sound of Silence – December 2014
How to Keep the Peace During the Holidays – November 2014
How the Gordon Model Can Help Your Company Succeed – Stories from Two Clients – October 2014
Help! I Can’t Stop Solving! – September 2014
What To Do When Office Friendships Backfire – August 2014
So How Good Are Your Leadership Skills – July 2014
How To Increase Productive Work Time – June 2014
So…What I Hear You Saying Is… – May 2014

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