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This blog is written for those who took an L.E.T. (or the one-day L.E.T. Refresher), so you will see content and terminology that may not be familiar to you. If you’d like to sign up for a workshop (in-person or online) please contact us:  workplace@gordontraining.com or 800.628.1197

It’s not luck–it’s skills. – March, 2024
How Do Leaders Get Followers? – February, 2024
You Are Not a “Bad” Leader Because You Use Roadblocks – January, 2024
What Kind of Person Do You Want to Be? – December, 2023
Dr. Gordon’s First Book on Leadership? Meh…BUT…! – October, 2023
But I Am Not a Leader So Why Would I Go to Leadership Training? – September, 2023
“ChatGPT, Write an Email…”: How Can Artificial Intelligence Help with Workplace Conflicts? – August, 2023
Do You Hold Yourself Accountable? – July, 2023
Sheriff’s Office Launches a Revolutionary Initiative with L.E.T. – June, 2023
Climate Change and the Gordon Model…? – May, 2023
No-Lose…Really?? – Apr, 2023
Mental Hygiene Leadership Hacks for Brighter, Whiter Smiles in the Workplace – Feb, 2023
Celebrating 60 years of the Gordon Model (Video) – Dec 2022
Is the Honeymoon Over? – Nov 2022
How to Confront with Confidence, Congruence and Clarity – Oct 2022
About That Monkey… – Sep 2022
What Inspires the World’s Most Successful L.E.T. Trainer? – Aug 2022
How to Say What You Feel, with Respect (And why leaving out your solution is essential) – July 2022
These I-Messages Can Be a Little Shifty – June 2022
How to Maximize Lean with Leader Effectiveness Training – May 2022
How Do These I-Messages Help Relationships? – Apr 2022
The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Conflicts – Mar 2022
How Do You Communicate Expectations at Work? – Feb 2022
Active Listening: Is it hard sometimes? Yes. Worth it? YES. – Jan 2022
A Helpful Guide to Relationships – Dec 2021
How to Say No with Respect – Nov 2021
What Kind of Organization Do You Want?  – Oct 2021
Why Active Listening is Good for Your Brain  – Sept 2021
Do You Need A Boundary Or A (Behavior) Window?  – Aug 2021
What Did You Hear Them Say, What Did You See Them Do? A GLOP Tutorial  – June 2021
Listening in the Time of a Pandemic  – May 2021
Let’s Talk About Boundaries  – April 2021
Communication Lessons from a Reality TV Show Connoisseur  – March 2021
How Realistic is Group Decision-Making? (Spoiler Alert: Very)  – February 2021
Okay, You’re the Boss.  – January 2021
Love to Listen, But I CAN’T EVEN: What to Do in Case of Emotional Flooding  – December 2020
What’s the Most Effective Way to Confront Someone  – November 2020
What Do You Do When Someone Uses Power Over You?  – October 2020
Isn’t Active Listening Just Another Way to Manipulate People?  – September 2020
“But I Was Just Trying To Help…”  – August 2020
Now Offering: Online Coaching! Plus Tips on Handling COVID-19 Values Collisions – July 2020
How to Say No with Respect for Yourself and Others – June 2020
How Active Listening Helped Me Get “Unstuck” – May 2020
How to Speak Up Without Damaging Your Relationships – April 2020
Using Better Communication Skills in Times of Crisis – March 2020 2nd Edition
So How Are Your L.E.T. Skills Coming Along? – March 2020
How L.E.T. Supports Google’s 10 “Best Boss” Behaviors – February 2020
What’s the First Step in a Conflict? Define the problem. – January 2020
A Perfect Recipe (with Zero Calories!) for Lasting Change – December 2019
Helpful Leadership Tools: How to Deal with Resistance a la Shifting Gears – November 2019
How to Mediate Conflicts at Work – October 2019
How to Create a Positive Climate at Work. – September 2019
No Blog Posted – August 2019
Empathy: You Keep Saying That Word.  I Do No Think Means What You Think It Means. – July 2019
Quick! What “Personality Style” Is the Person Sitting Next to You? – June 2019
Helpful Tips for Shifting Gears More Smoothly – May 2019
L.E.T.: In the Service of Something Greater Than Itself – April 2019
Happy St. Patrick’s Day to You! – March 2019
How to Avoid the Dangerous Habit of Glopping – February 2019
How to Preserve Your Reputation When You’re Feeling Angry – January 2019

(We have been sending the “L.E.T. [Graduate] Connection” since the 1990’s but only have archived issues here since 2019.)

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