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This blog is written for those who took an L.E.T. (or L.E.T. Refresher or Conflict Resolution Workshop), so you will see content and terminology that may not be familiar to you. If you’d like to sign up for a workshop or online book club, please contact us:  workplace@gordontraining.com or 800.628.1197

“ChatGPT, Write an Email…”: How Can Artificial Intelligence Help with Workplace Conflicts? – August, 2023
Do You Hold Yourself Accountable? – July, 2023
Sheriff’s Office Launches a Revolutionary Initiative with L.E.T. – June, 2023
Climate Change and the Gordon Model…? – May, 2023
No-Lose…Really?? – Apr, 2023
Mental Hygiene Leadership Hacks for Brighter, Whiter Smiles in the Workplace – Feb, 2023
Celebrating 60 years of the Gordon Model (Video) – Dec 2022
Is the Honeymoon Over? – Nov 2022
How to Confront with Confidence, Congruence and Clarity – Oct 2022
About That Monkey… – Sep 2022
What Inspires the World’s Most Successful L.E.T. Trainer? – Aug 2022
How to Say What You Feel, with Respect (And why leaving out your solution is essential) – July 2022
These I-Messages Can Be a Little Shifty – June 2022
How to Maximize Lean with Leader Effectiveness Training – May 2022
How Do These I-Messages Help Relationships? – Apr 2022
The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Conflicts – Mar 2022
How Do You Communicate Expectations at Work? – Feb 2022
Active Listening: Is it hard sometimes? Yes. Worth it? YES. – Jan 2022
A Helpful Guide to Relationships – Dec 2021
How to Say No with Respect – Nov 2021
What Kind of Organization Do You Want?  – Oct 2021
Why Active Listening is Good for Your Brain  – Sept 2021
Do You Need A Boundary Or A (Behavior) Window?  – Aug 2021
What Did You Hear Them Say, What Did You See Them Do? A GLOP Tutorial  – June 2021
Listening in the Time of a Pandemic  – May 2021
Let’s Talk About Boundaries  – April 2021
Communication Lessons from a Reality TV Show Connoisseur  – March 2021
How Realistic is Group Decision-Making? (Spoiler Alert: Very)  – February 2021
Okay, You’re the Boss.  – January 2021
Love to Listen, But I CAN’T EVEN: What to Do in Case of Emotional Flooding  – December 2020
What’s the Most Effective Way to Confront Someone  – November 2020
What Do You Do When Someone Uses Power Over You?  – October 2020
Isn’t Active Listening Just Another Way to Manipulate People?  – September 2020
“But I Was Just Trying To Help…”  – August 2020
Now Offering: Online Coaching! Plus Tips on Handling COVID-19 Values Collisions – July 2020
How to Say No with Respect for Yourself and Others – June 2020
How Active Listening Helped Me Get “Unstuck” – May 2020
How to Speak Up Without Damaging Your Relationships – April 2020
Using Better Communication Skills in Times of Crisis – March 2020 2nd Edition
So How Are Your L.E.T. Skills Coming Along? – March 2020
How L.E.T. Supports Google’s 10 “Best Boss” Behaviors – February 2020
What’s the First Step in a Conflict? Define the problem. – January 2020
A Perfect Recipe (with Zero Calories!) for Lasting Change – December 2019
Helpful Leadership Tools: How to Deal with Resistance a la Shifting Gears – November 2019
How to Mediate Conflicts at Work – October 2019
How to Create a Positive Climate at Work. – September 2019
No Blog Posted – August 2019
Empathy: You Keep Saying That Word.  I Do No Think Means What You Think It Means. – July 2019
Quick! What “Personality Style” Is the Person Sitting Next to You? – June 2019
Helpful Tips for Shifting Gears More Smoothly – May 2019
L.E.T.: In the Service of Something Greater Than Itself – April 2019
Happy St. Patrick’s Day to You! – March 2019
How to Avoid the Dangerous Habit of Glopping – February 2019
How to Preserve Your Reputation When You’re Feeling Angry – January 2019

(We have been sending the “L.E.T. [Graduate] Connection” for over 25 years but only have archived issues here since 2019.)

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