L.E.T. Testimonials

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“Working for one of the largest organizations in the country and being a part of one of the most diverse teams imaginable, L.E.T. has enabled me to build effective teams and deliver truly outstanding results!  Without being able to communicate effectively and listen to feedback, growth is hindered, productivity is hampered, relationships suffer, and people generally won’t give more than the minimum expectation.  L.E.T. has truly been able to help me see risk where it exists and has given me tools to foster positive working relationships. My organization is a better place because of L.E.T. and the relationships it has helped me nurture and grow!”

Michael S.
Senior Manager, Technology Deployment, Amazon


“I can now learn to not take on everyone’s problems and help them to learn how to solve it themselves. This workshop was fantastic! I had so much fun.”

Adams Bank & Trust


“I just had an epic moment with a patient and a heart to heart conversation where I had to handle a very difficult conversation regarding her appointment and I applied all of my L.E.T. skills learned. It went so well over the phone that she and I want to hug each other when she comes in for her appt tomorrow! LOL! Thank you for the wealth of knowledge you shared.”

Office Manager
Dental Practice


“For the first time in my life, I can honestly say that every minute of this course was worthwhile.  Most classes have something worth tweaking—not this one.  It went above and beyond my expectations.  The trainer fostered a supportive, fun and collaborative environment.  The materials and structure are perfect. This class is phenomenal!”

W.L. Gore & Associates


“I have always been trained to ask questions and I believe this training has really guided me to have more meaningful conversations with my staff.”

Adams Bank & Trust


“Today was a new chapter in my admin career and I owe it to you [Carol Paige, L.E.T. Trainer of PRN Consulting]. Conflict has always been something I dread, actual physical symptoms at just the thought. To know that there is a successful way to meet everyone’s needs is quite a refreshing outlook. Everyone walked away from the discussion feeling good and I felt pride as I jotted down everyone’s needs, brainstorming ideas, and embraced my L.E.T. training! Our office director spoke to me today about increased confidence he sees in me. Although a lot of that is due to the trust that he places in me there’s also a new level of confidence and comfort in this role of administrative team lead. I have worked for some good office managers and those that left a lot to be desired but I’ve never felt like I found what was my own management style. Method III is the only way I want to proceed! So in all, this is my way of thanking you for putting so much of your self into everything you do for helping me get to where I am today. Today I leave work with the feeling that the sky is the limit and that is an amazing place to be!”

Administrative Team Leader, Dental Practice


“L.E.T. is critically important for an organization such as ours that relies so heavily on direct person-to-person communication. It is a way of learning how to be more effective in communication, so I believe it is pretty fundamental to our basic culture and basic ability to get things done from a business perspective.”

Bob Gore
Former Chairman of the Board, W.L. Gore & Associates


“My boss and I will be able to get things done faster when we’re on the same page…[and]…make my wife and I feel like we’re equal members of the household.”

Team Leader, Smith & Wesson


“The L.E.T. skills taught in this course removes the defensive emotion from a conflict and promotes effective problem solving for a win-win outcome. Carol (L.E.T. Trainer, CEO of PRN Consulting, Inc.) uses specific examples and exercises which makes it easy to integrate into our office. I have found this training useful for ALL relationships, not just work. I highly recommend this course–wish I had found it sooner!”

Dental Practice


“This workshop was the bomb.com!! LET is a training method that actually works!!! I believe LET will better allow me to listen to not only my employees but my customers, my coworkers and even in my personal life.”

Teller Supervisor, Welch State Bank


“I came away from the training confident that I have the tools necessary to grow as a leader and communicate more effectively.”

Natasha S., Operations Manager
Amazon Fulfillment


“Gained a tremendous sense of nurturing relationships in my life that with regular practice will make this the best decade of my life.”

H. F.
CEO/CFO, Dental Practice


“This workshop was truly amazing and provides so much benefit in every single relationship.”

Mariah E.

“Over the last 12 months I have seen senior leaders who have accepted that they are human beings who make mistakes not ‘I know it all’ leaders. I have seen leaders who accept that they can be challenged by employees at any point in time and who are able to say ‘oh yeah you are correct I didn’t think about that.’ I have seen an organization where employees are comfortable to manage up and are learning to listen to each other. When I joined the organization in October 2012 there was a lot of unhappiness in the office corridors, backbiting, rumors etc. Employees did not trust or take HR seriously.

I can safely say that this has changed, employees are much happier, they enjoy coming to work and most importantly we continue to meet our sales targets every month. The intention this year is to train all employees on LET OR Conflict Resolution. One more interesting observation is that employees who attended Parent Effectiveness Training informed me that they are much happier at home and thus are more productive at work.”

Faith M.
Roche Diagnostics


“L.E.T. has been a constant in my career for the past 20 years. There is not a better education for new leaders, experienced leaders, or for anyone who needs a refresher in leadership communication and effectiveness than L.E.T. It has been impressive to see many leaders’ personal and professional lives improved from L.E.T., and witnessing the impact carried over into productivity gains, employee retention, and cost improvement makes it impactful for organizations. For parents, I also highly recommend P.E.T. Simply put, this book is making me a better parent just as L.E.T. helps me be a better leader.”

George Schultz
COO, Fetch Package


“….very informative. Completely changed my way of dealing with conflict and has shown me why things I’ve been doing haven’t been working.”

Bret Z.
Quality Engineer/Supervisor


I always thought I was a good listener, but in reality I was only good at letting associates talk.  This has not allowed me to understand individual associate or team issues.  By active listening I can avoid entering a conversation with my understanding of issue or problem which may not be the actual issue or problem.

Associate, W.L. Gore & Associate


“LET is a huge contributor to climate…all high in these three companies. Climate in itself does not determine results however, research indicates that climate can account for 20 to 30 percent of business performance. Getting the best out of employees pays off in hard results. As one CEO told me, ‘LET for us is an investment in performance not an expense item.’”

Kent S.
CEO, Stickler Learning and L.E.T. Trainer

“I asked God last weekend to show me clarity in my life and especially in my relationship with my wife. This information [L.E.T.] has given me hope to keep going.”

Community Banker/Vice President


“I deal with conflict everyday in my job—this training will sharpen my Active Listening skills, mediation skills with the hopes that resolution can be better achieved.  This was extremely helpful and will impact my work indefinitely as well as my personal life.”

Meghann K.
Assessment Social Worker, State of Maine


“I just attended a three day leadership course with Dale Carnegie and it was not practical at all.  Also, due to the nature of my job I may not be able to come on time and might need to even skip an [L.E.T.] session if I need to”.  From the L.E.T. trainer:  “That person did come on time, attended all workshops & on the 3rd or 4th session he told me:  ‘This program is very practical and applicable, [I] only need practice – I have been through so many training courses and nothing was as comprehensive and practical as L.E.T.’ “

Bank Employee
Cairo, Egypt

I have been experimenting with the L.E.T. not only using it for communication but also as a mind set for working with others. It is amazing how when you take the fundamentals of L.E.T. and translate them to your actions when working with others how easy it becomes to interact in a positive manner. Even with an associate that I have a super hard time relating to.  I also have a guy that had barely spoken 3 words to me since I have started who now is helping me by pulling stock for my next campaign while I stepped away for a second. I didn’t even have to ask! Love all the things I am learning here at Gore!”

Associate, W.L. Gore & Associates


Every engineering student should have a chance to take the LET Course since we are not exposed to anything like it in our curriculum. Engineering students tend to lack the soft skills provided in this course and with a course like this being offered, Western Engineering will give students this opportunity to grow and be more prepared for ‘real world’ jobs. This course has taught me skills like communicating effectively as a leader, how to confront conflict in a professional and caring manner, and how to avoid certain roadblocks to communication (even those that I wasn’t aware of). Once I started applying the skills I learned in this course to my leadership positions, I have gained more respect from my colleagues and have had more effective meetings. This course not only helped me with my professional development, but also with my personal life.”

Victor C., Leadership and Academic Mentorship Program Student Co-Coordinator
Western University, Canada


The L.E.T. Training has been very useful in our office and I know it will be throughout my life as well. The training is definitely helping with confrontations with other staff members. As a manager, I’m feeling more confident and able, using the Gordon Model. Best yet, we have found the results to be better with staff members. It’s also helpful that the doctors are using the L.E.T. method with the other staff. The helping skills [Active Listening], for greater understanding of others, has been a great asset for myself and staff. We have seen positive effects from the L.E.T. Training.”

Cindy G., Team Leader


“I had a great experience.  I will run towards conflict, not away!”

Christine D., Customer Development Specialist
Gordon Food Service

“Probably one of the best, most organized, most informative classes I have been a part of.  I feel like I am leaving class with skills that can really help in my day to day life.”

W.L. Gore & Associates

“One of your better trainings. I will use all active listening skills rather than trying to solve people’s problems. Will look for mutual solutions. I think my knowledge of productive communication is greatly improved. Excellent training. Very good and very applicable to our jobs.”

State of Maine, Department of Human Services

“It was fantastic.  It challenged my perceptions of many leadership and communication philosophies and it [L.E.T.] won me over.”

Bill S.
Electrical Engineering Manager, Esterline Technologies

“I was very impressed when I initially went through the L.E.T. training. It was by far the best leadership communication training that I have been through in my 30 year career. This model allows the managers to foster a positive climate of trust and respect, while still achieving the results they are looking for. Our organization is very much about the people and this trained philosophy will only help to enhance the employee’s ability to share ideas, thoughts and find new creative ways to solve problems.”

Cyndi M.
Human Resources Specialist

“Great training for anyone who supervises and provides valuable skill building opportunities. Best training I have been to in 12 years with the State of Maine.”

State of Maine, Department of Human Services

“Dear SueAnn and Adrian,

Thanks very much for an engaging and instructive training program. I wish this training had been available when I started with the county 17 years ago.

You both modeled the material you were presenting and created an atmosphere where people were very comfortable sharing because there was a real opportunity to be heard. Please keep me on your mailing list for future training or brown bag opportunities.

Thanks again!”

Anne-Marie R.
Division of Behavioral Health Services, Sacramento County Dept. of Health & Human Services

“Thanks for having the vision that I truly needed to be in the L.E.T. training this week. This was undoubtedly the best training session I have been in outside the leadership course [PCL in-house program, different than L.E.T.] One of the key initiatives in my leadership development is listening. This course gave me new reasons and methods to facilitate this skill. The practice scenarios were excellent and they have provided me new confidence in confronting others.  My wife asked me what the heck is going on when I used the Active Listening to resolve a personal conflict yesterday. She asked me flat out, ‘When did you ever care about what I was feeling during a touchy discussion?’ The problem was resolved fairly. She wants to read the [L.E.T.] book this weekend. Thanks for getting me into this session!!!”

Glen C.
Construction Manager, PCL Intracon Power

“Absolutely outstanding class. Professional and personal relationships and communication will improve immediately. Messaging fits perfectly with NWB culture. Steve [L.E.T. Trainer] hits the mark consistently and has amazing insight into people. Refreshing and honest sessions! I return to my office with wind in my sails.”

VP, Market Manager
Northwestern Bank

“I am writing in regards to a recent training held at the YMCA of Greater Seattle. I wanted to share how much I enjoyed this training and how beneficial it was in my growth towards becoming an effective leader. The concept was definitely something I feel I can use both in my professional and personal life. I believe this to be, and foresee it being a great tool for me in my current and future rolls. I was very pleased with the trainer and his abilities to teach and portray this leadership style. It was time well spent and I will highly recommend both the training and trainer to my co-workers and friends. Thank You.”

Stephanie T.
Financial Development, YMCA of Greater Seattle


“PCL Construction Enterprises, ranked #28 in Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2009, has been depending on Leader Effectiveness Training since the 1980’s as the best way to learn how to understand and react to the needs of others, as well as how to help others understand the impact of their own behaviors.

The great majority of our current work is acquired through strong business relationships and negotiations, and some of the credit for our success should be given to the long-term, cumulative effect of exposure to the skill-building of L.E.T.”

Peter G.
Vice President, Professional Development, PCL Construction Enterprises

“When I get an e-mail [‘LET Connection e-newsletter’] from you I can’t wait to open it. I know that what I’m about to read will help me not only for that day but for the whole year. I would like to thank you again for all the work you do to make my job easier. This last e-mail is right on during the economic times that were all in together. With times being as tough as they are we all need to take a step back and refresh our goals and our minds.”

Mike F.
Second Shift Supervisor, Plansee USA

This training is extremely helpful.  I have been able to apply the concepts at least once per day.  In a coaching session last week it was so cool to see the associate solve their problem. In addition, I was able help my wife address some of her challenges at work.  Keep it coming!

Associate, W. L. Gore & Associates

“In line with [the] Lean concept of ‘empowerment’ which I highly value and if not for this [L.E.T.] course, ‘empowerment’ would remain a ‘how’ question.”

James B.
Pharmaceutical industry

“I have to tell you that I took the L.E.T. training here at my work in September. I was very hesitant at first to take this and I was extremely nervous when I entered the room. When I left the final day I had a lift in my step and smile on my face, and a confidence I held deep within. This training was one of the best I have taken since graduating from college some 10 years, ago. I am no longer timid with situations that are uncomfortable. I am calmer when talking with peers, and superiors and when I blow it I know that I am able to refocus and become an effective communicator. I have seen a difference in my confidence, my ability to communicate, and my ability to calm in a situation. I cannot tell you enough how much I gained from this class. Even my family sees a difference. My husband of 36 years will even say, ‘I truly appreciated your input on that conversation we had.’ I know that this is from the skills I learned. My boss says she sees a difference in my communication skills, when it comes to a difficult situation. All in all this class was a true value of my time.”

Connie K.
Senior Administrative Assistant, Colorado

“I feel I will actually be able to truly listen to my employees and solve problems better…together.”

Jen B.
Sunflower Bank

“I have attended all the training except Lean 102. The L.E.T. I just took with Kevin S. was outstanding. I learned a lot in that class and my life has changed because of it. I have been in manufacturing for over 30 years; the Gordon Model to me is amazing. I wished I had it 30 years ago. I also wished a few of my bosses along the way would have used it as well. I am planning on applying the principles at work and at home. Thank you for offering these classes.”

Roger C.
Lean Director, Manufacturing Company

“As a thirty-year veteran of retail banking, insurance and the investment industry, I’ve attended, at a minimum, seventy-five seminars and workshops. I must tell you however, that the L.E.T. program ranks near the very top.”

David C.
VP & Market Manager, First Indiana Bank

“The L.E.T. workshop was everything I hoped for. I believe I learned skills that will stay with me for the rest of my life. It is much harder to apply them in everyday situations than in class but I think with a lot of practice I will see my L.E.T. skills come through. I would definitely recommend the course to others, and plan to.”

Jane S.
Director of Operations, Intellevate

“Superb course! Of all the courses I have taken, this is the first that has taught skills I can use at work, immediately!”

Merck & Co., Inc.

“The most important thing I learned was that I can’t fix everything. This was the best class I have ever taken. I learned a lot about myself and how I relate to others.”

Gordon Food Service

“Dear Bud and Dana [L.E.T. Trainers], 

Just a short note to express our deep appreciation for the tremendously informative L.E.T. Workshop that we had the pleasure to attend last week. Simply put, our grateful “We-message” to you is this: having attended the L.E.T. Workshop, we are bursting with confidence that we will be able to handle day-to-day scenarios more efficiently and effectively. We are all truly better people for having attended the workshop and had a lot of fun learning and practicing the concepts that were presented. We enjoyed the sessions, because you made the subject matter very interesting and fun!”

Michele I.
Chicago Mercantile Exchange

“Very positive, hands-on approach and upbeat class. I’m a hard person to keep interested and the three days flew by!”

E. Ball
Project Manager, First National Bank of Omaha

“Hi Michelle,

The course was wonderful. Bob K. was great and I really got a lot out of the training. The real challenge for me is to take the skills learned and to remember them in my everyday work life. Bridge construction tends to be very fast paced and I deal with a lot of people that, how do I say, are a little rough around the edges. But I’ve noticed myself listening better since the course and overall I think the training made me a better manager and coach.

If nothing else, it certainly made me more aware of my reactions and how I handle certain situations. It also gave me excellent advice on how to confront unacceptable behavior without always ticking the other person off.

That’s my two cents. I would recommend the training to anyone interested in fine tuning their management skills. Thanks for all your help.”

Jim S.
Project Manager, PCL Civil Constructors, Inc.

“I feel that carrying these L.E.T. skills around with me makes me feel like I am a superhero with a special “powers” that help me rescue myself when I am facing problems and people. I have taken many classes in my life and this has been the most interesting and effective classes I have ever taken.”

Dorinda F.
Operations, Ferguson Enterprises

“This is the most informative workshop I have ever been to! The skills taught here are vital to management, yet not taught elsewhere. All managers should be required to take this course.”

Shawn M.
Operations Manager, Ferguson Enterprises

“The workshop was fantastic. Bill did a fantastic job as a facilitator and teacher. I cannot recall attending a workshop that provided so much useful data that we got to practice instead of just listening to theory. This was the feedback from 100% of all the attendees. My colleague and I thought it was the best investment of our dollars over any other meetings we have sent staff to. Thanks.”

Tom P.
CEO, The Summit Center, Orthopaedic Center of the Rockies

“My girlfriend is in trouble now! She is not going to know what happened to me! Thank you!”

C. DeGeorge
Teller Manager, First National Bank of Omaha

“I have always felt that I had difficulty in facing conflicts. I always put them on the back burner. I am now more confident and comfortable about resolving conflicts with the knowledge I have gained from this L.E.T. training.”

Sales Supervisor
Republic Bank, Ltd.

“L.E.T. has helped me to communicate better and solve problems, giving me and my co-workers more time to focus on being productive–very enlightening program–I have confidence AND more importantly, SKILLS to help me at work–and with my husband and two kids, too. Thank you!”

Banking institution

“Exactly two weeks after taking the L.E.T. course, an engineer was asked to help solve a rather large health and safety problem at a construction site. This construction site was at the largest dam in the world–there were far too many accidents happening. (There had been millions of dollars of damage done a few years earlier by disaffected workers.)

The engineer flew to the site feeling quite comfortable, as he had just learned the L.E.T. skills. He thought to himself: “I will listen to them!” At the site, the superior of one group of workers had ordered these workers not to go to their normal stations the next day. Instead, they were told to report to the cafeteria for a meeting with the engineer who was flying in to solve their safety problems. There were approximately 80 of these workers assembled in the cafeteria, and the tension was high. When the engineer arrived, he instantly recognized that the situation was a potentially explosive one.

‘You’re just an engineer from the city. How do you expect to help us here?’ some of the workers exclaimed. The engineer simply Active Listened to their concerns and feelings for the next two hours. Although the workers were hostile and defensive at the start, their resistance eventually subsided. After lunch the meeting resumed and he listened some more. Little by little the workers came around to feeling they could be a part of the solution. The engineer explained that had he not learned the listening skills in L.E.T. two weeks prior, he would not have known how to handle such a sensitive and demanding problem. In his words: ‘This course made the difference for me; I succeeded in a situation where, only a few weeks ago, I would not have known what to do!’

The results of the Active Listening and problem-solving by the L.E.T.-trained engineer were a decrease in the number of conflicts between workers, less hours of work lost, and a decrease in the number of injuries.” 

Jacques L., Canada

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