L.E.T. Facilitator Certification

Certifying one or more of your staff facilitators to teach L.E.T. enables your organization to have the most cost efficient, self-propagating means for training a large number of leaders and managers. Here are the phases for certification:

Phase I: L.E.T. Workshop

In the L.E.T. Workshop, participants will learn the complete Gordon Model, get individualized attention from a highly-skilled Facilitator lectures, will have plenty of opportunities for discussions and more importantly-the opportunity to use real-life situations participants may be experiencing during role-plays. Click here to view the L.E.T. Workshop calendar. Tuition: $1,695 (includes materials).  Workshop Participants are responsible for their own expenses.

Phase II: Facilitator Workshop

This 4.5 day facilitator workshop, taught by a Master Facilitator from Gordon Training International (GTI), begins with an in-depth review of the L.E.T. skills then segues into both didactic and experiential teaching methods, including lectures, modeling, class discussion, skill practice exercises, coaching and small group discussions. Participants will practice teach and receive verbal and written feedback from the Master Facilitator and the Co-Facilitator. The entire workshop is devoted to strengthening Facilitator Candidates’ effective use of the L.E.T. skills as well as their ability to model them. In-House Company Facilitator Tuition: $4,500 ($2,500 for 2nd person from same company); Independent Consultant/Facilitator or Non-Profit Organization Facilitator Tuition: $2,500.  U.S. Military (active, retired or veteran) Tuition: $3,500.  Tuition includes an L.E.T. Facilitator Kit. Candidates are responsible for their own expenses.

Important notice:  Because we believe in protecting all participants in our workshops as well as our Master Trainer from possible exposure to the COVID-19 virus, all participants must provide reasonable proof that they have been fully vaccinated prior to their attendance at one of our workshops. Gordon Training International (GTI) adheres to all CDC guidelines and the State of California mandates. The venue of the workshop may also have their own COVID 19 requirements. Currently the workshop venue has a mask mandate. Although it seems likely that the CDC and State of California guidelines will be updated many times before the scheduled workshops, it seems clear that proof of vaccinations will remain a central requirement going forward. Once registered, each participant must sign and return a written waiver releasing GTI from liability regarding exposure to the COVID-19 virus while at the workshop prior to your arrival.

2021 L.E.T. Facilitator Workshop Calendar

Date Location
Sep 20-24 Solana Beach, CA w/Steve Crandall & Michelle Adams

Please email us for more information and/or to receive an application. We can also send a Master Facilitator to you for a private facilitator  workshop for four or more candidates. Contact us for more information at (800) 628-1197, ext. 308 or e-mail workplace@gordontraining.com

Phase III: Co-Teach Workshop

Facilitator Candidates organize and schedule an L.E.T. Workshop for 5-20 participants. A Master Facilitator will coach, supervise and support the new facilitator to help them fine-tune their L.E.T. facilitation skills. Fee:  $2,000/day plus Master Facilitator expenses and participant materials.

Phase IV: Qualifying Workshop

Facilitator Candidates organize, schedule and teach their first solo L.E.T. Workshop, then submit participants’ evaluations to GTI. Based on the results of these evaluations and the Master Facilitator’s Evaluation, they then receive full certification. There’s no fee  for Phase IV, just L.E.T. Participant Sets needed. Once certified, Facilitators may then purchase a kit for our one-day L.E.T. Refresher Workshop and offer the program to L.E.T. Graduates, without additional training.

What Do Clients Say?

“No matter your role, the size of your organization, or your industry, L.E.T. is a must for anyone looking to improve interpersonal relationships and help solve people problems. Our trainer, Steve, was incredible! He was patient when he needed to be and pushed us all to examine the material and understand problem ownership. Practicing the skills was essential and the personal feedback we received helped us elevate our ability so that by the end of our session, we were all so confident and enthusiastic! L.E.T is essential training delivered by wonderfully knowledgeable and passionate people. Thank you for teaching me life-long skills that I can use every single day!” – BJ, Learning and Development, Sales, XPO Logistics

“As an aspiring L.E.T. facilitator, I trained under one of GTI’s L.E.T. Yodas and discovered my inner L.E.T. Jedi. Humor aside, Bill [Master Facilitator] is an amazing teacher and the support materials provided by Gordon Training International makes it only possible for the committed student to succeed as an accomplished L.E.T. trainer. I feel immensely privileged to be affiliated with Gordon Training International and am grateful to their expertise that prepared me to further advance the principles of Tom Gordon’s work into the healthcare business sector. – Carol P., PRN Consulting Inc., Founder and President

“Phenomenal! Steve [Master Facilitator] is a true model of L.E.T.  The workshop was fantastic.  The flow, building on each segment daily was very beneficial, explanation of material, practice teaching and the personal coaching—amazing.  Thank you for your passion and dedication to this process.  You are truly making this world a better place.” – Smanthia J., HR Business Partner, amazon.com (Fulfillment Center)

Check out the video to hear what an L.E.T. Trainer from amazon.com has to say about his workshop experience.

“Thank you so much for this amazing experience.  I am so lucky to have been at the L.E.T. Train-the-Trainer Workshop.  I feel that I have been given an amazing opportunity and I want to share it with all that I can.  The instructor and modeling that was observed helped me so much.  Thank you—I feel like I have more friends than I came with.”  – Angela C., VP, Corporate Development, KAW Services

“I can truly say it was the best ‘train-the-trainer’ program that I have ever attended.  I enjoyed the ‘hands-on’ training experience, the small group intimacy and the warm, encouraging atmosphere.  I felt I grew as a trainer and as a person.  I have never felt that way about any other ‘train-the-trainer’ program.  I feel as though I am now part of an L.E.T. ‘family’.” – Terry T., Training Specialist, U.S. Court So. District of Texas

“The L.E.T. Train-the-Trainer Workshop effectively combines theory and real-time practice facilitation, which enabled me to learn and use effective communication in a highly energized and constructive feedback setting over the four-day curriculum. In my current commitment in Operational Excellence, the L.E.T. skills are invaluable as I work with individuals and teams to navigate continuous improvement and change, which most times requires extensive use of these skills (Active Listening, I-Messages, Shifting Gears, and conflict resolution). Our culture is built on effective communication and L.E.T. is core to our foundation and success as an Enterprise.” – Frank T., Divisional OPEX Champion, W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

“It’s clear from the first day that developing a passion for L.E.T. principles and a desire to share it with others is the training’s primary goal.  You’ll learn the basics of L.E.T., presentation methods and receive specific feedback on your practice teaching but the goal is to instill a passion for L.E.T.  I couldn’t wait to facilitate my first L.E.T. class!” – Gene S., Vice President, HR, Armtec Defense Group

“The L.E.T. Train-the-Trainer was one of the best workshops I have ever taken–and I have taken ‘a few’.” – Stan P., HRD, Vale Inco

“Outstanding! The most important lesson I learned was how to be a role model for L.E.T.! I learned so much in this workshop it is hard for me to describe in words how grateful I feel to you (GTI). Thank you for the gift of L.E.T.!” – Erin K., HR Exec, Esterline Korry

“One of the most valuable, hands-on experiences I have had in years, both professionally and personally.” – Jean D., Group T&D, Amicorp

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