Video Clips of the Gordon Model Skills

Below are brief video demonstrations of some of the core skills of the Gordon Model such as Active Listening, I-Messages, Problem Ownership, and the 12 Roadblocks to Communication. We hope you find them helpful – and if you would like more information on how to learn these skills, please contact us at: 800.628.1197 or at

We also have a leadership channel on Youtube where we have many different videos from Master L.E.T. Trainers, In-House trainers and clients talking about the various Gordon Model skills you will learn in our L.E.T. program.

View the clip below to learn more about “who owns the problem” according to Dr. Gordon’s Behavior Window.

View the clip below to see a few of the 12 most common responses people often use (but need to avoid) when trying to help someone who has a problem.

View the clip below to hear a demonstration of Active Listening.

View the clip below to see what not to do and what to do when confronting someone when you have a problem.