L.E.T. Refresher Workshop

Learning is a process, not an event.

Many breakthroughs can occur in a Leader Effectiveness Training workshop, but what happens six months later? With any learning, we tend to forget details, concepts, and skills if they are not practiced everyday. learning stagesHaving a refresher workshop that reviews the key concepts and skills an individual learned in a previous L.E.T. Workshop is key.

Here are what refresher graduates have to say:

“The refresher was great as it reminded me of the points I have been missing and still need to improve.” 

“A renewed sense of enthusiasm for applying L.E.T. principles in my daily life.”

“Great refresher! I enjoyed this class and related to it better than the first round. This skill-set is a keeper! It works! Please refresh us now and then.”

“Became reacquainted with the practices I originally learned last year and forgotten to a point — having a refresher course was very beneficial and I plan to practice all of the L.E.T. steps on a more regular basis.”

“Been refreshed — not to be trite. It made me realize I do remember the core values of this program. I like the abridged version of the manual — I think it will be more useful as a refresher guide than the first materials. I would have benefited more had this course been offered six months after the initial course. We need help to keep these skills in our forefront.”

“Remembered the skills taught last year — it was perfect for a refresher.”

“Refreshed my brain to remember to use these very valuable skills!”

“Learned more insight of the L.E.T. model and feel more equipped to practice more of it.” 

“Better understood the Active Listening skill and will implement this in my daily work.  I use more I-Messages now, too.” 

This dynamic one-day workshop pays off for businesses that want their team to retain and practice their leadership training skills.  The L.E.T. Refresher Workshop also allows participants to receive helpful feedback from the L.E.T. Trainer on what’s worked and what hasn’t.

Our one-day L.E.T. Refresher Workshops are for anyone who’s already taken L.E.T., whether it was six months or five years ago. The tuition is $495 and includes the L.E.T. Refresher Participant Set.  Please contact us to learn more about this program and/or to enroll by emailing us at: workplace@gordontraining.com.

…and watch this short video to hear what an L.E.T. Trainer has to say about our program.

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