Would you do us a favor? Close your eyes (after you read this of course) and imagine a work environment…

  • where productive, lasting and rewarding things happen.
  • where you have collaborative power with, not power over, others.

Imagine if you could have leaders who knew how to create such a climate…

  • where influence and respect triumphed over aggression and “just do what I tell you?”
  • where you have an engaged workforce that is truly invested in making the company a success.

If you’re tired of power struggles and need to change how people relate to one another at work, then we might be for you. Watch our super short video on the power of collaborative leadership and then call Michelle at our office and share your people problems with her–we bet she can help.

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We’re a group of fun people with a big dream—a dream to inspire and train a new kind of leader—you know, the kind of leader who gets the job done without leaving a wake of destruction behind…the kind of leader who plays well with others. But we also help parents, teachers, kids, individual folks—you name it.

We were founded by the one and only Dr. Thomas Gordon. He is widely recognized as a pioneer in teaching communication skills and conflict resolution methods to parents, teachers, youth, organization managers and employees. He was the founder of Gordon Training International in 1962. His Gordon Model concepts are now known and used in over 50 countries. Unofficial information? He loved to tell super bad puns, made it a point to relate to every person he came in contact with and wanted to know their stories. Any time there was a child near by, he would get down on their level to talk with them. He was indeed a great man with a great legacy and we’re doing more than carrying on his legacy—we made it ours and we are on a mission to help the world get along better—starting with YOU.

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