P.E.T. Workshop Calendar

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NOTE: The dates shown below may reflect P.E.T. classes that are in progress. Please check back often as class dates are added frequently.

2016 P.E.T. Workshop Calendar
Ongoing Private Instruction Poway/Ramona, CA
Ongoing Private Instruction Seattle, WA
Ongoing Private Instruction New York, NY
January 4 – March 7 Aurora, CO
January 12 – March 15 Sherman Oaks, CO
January 15: Refresher Workshop Irvine, CA
January 15 – March 4 Agoura Hills, CA
January 17: Refresher Workshop Los Angeles (Eagle Rock), CA
January 20 – March 9 Chicago (Glenview), IL
January 20 – March 9 San Diego (La Jolla), CA
January 21 – March 24 Los Angeles (Eagle Rock), CA
January 22 – March 25 Irvine, CA
February 5 – March 25 Agoura Hills, CA
February 19: Refresher Workshop Irvine, CA
February 21: Refresher Workshop Los Angeles (Eagle Rock), CA
March 18: Refresher Workshop Irvine, CA
March 20: Refresher Workshop Los Angeles (Eagle Rock), CA
March 21 – May 9 Aurora, CO
June 6 – August 1 Aurora, CO
August 8 – October 3 Aurora, CO
October 17 – December 12 Aurora, CO

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