Que Bueno! PET en Espana por Primera Vez!

How Wonderful! P.E.T. in Spain for the First Time!

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P.E.T. Instructor Training Workshop in Spain

In a series of “firsts,” we are pleased and proud to announce the first ever P.E.T. Instructor Training Workshop in Spain! The workshop took place on January 13-17th, 2014 in Bilbao, facilitated by our P.E.T. Representative for Mexico, Mr. Lauro Macias Ortega, in his first solo role as a Master Trainer outside of Mexico. Also notable to mention is that this was the first ever Instructor Training Workshop with more male participants than female.

Our Representative in Spain, Ms. Marta Isasi Mediavilla, said of the workshop, “There is a ‘before’ and an ‘after’ in my life after taking the ITW course. I would like to express my happiness and gratitude for the marvelous training that we consider of incalculable value which we needed to be able to see and live the life in a different way. Personally, now, after the ITW training I value much more my relationships,

I query any belief that I feel is restricting me, I enjoy the quiet that helps me to listen to others properly. I feel strong enough to say what I feel and need at any time and I have realized how important are the conflicts and how the conflicts help me to grow if I confront them in an effective way. I enjoy solving family issues and the most important thing for me at the moment is that I have started to know deeply and honestly my partner and my children. I am so happy and my bigger motivation at this moment is to be able to disseminate/spread the programme to be able to share with other people and that something as valuable as this model will reach once and for all, the world.”