South Africa Gives Us Reason to Celebrate

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First L.E.T. Workshop in South Africa

Our Leader Effectivenss Training (L.E.T.) Program has just officially launched in Randburg, South Africa! Our new L.E.T. Licensee, Ms. Faith Masilo, just completed the country’s first L.E.T. Workshop this month.

Faith said of bringing L.E.T. to South Africa: “The Gordon model has helped me to be able to communicate my feelings (both positive and negative), it has taught me how to listen without having the urge to give advice or have a solution. I now know how to resolve conflict so that needs are met using a win-win solution.

“My beloved country South Africa is going through a painful journey of a young democratic state (I like saying we are going through an adolescence stage) For most companies including the one that I work for are going through a period of redefining how employees and managers interact with each other , how we diversify the workplace by ensuring that the workplace include different ages groups, all race, gender, ethnicity etc. in the companies and make sure that all employees feel respected and can be themselves. At the core of our journey we are redefining how we meet each other’s needs, how we listen to each other, how we resolve conflict and most importantly how do we redefine our future without forgetting the valuable lessons of the past.

“In my mind the Leader Effectiveness Training (L.E.T.) has reinforced the need to bring this model to South Africa. My vision is to offer companies in South Africa an alternative way to communicate and resolve conflict. The Gordon model can help companies to be more productive because the more we understand each other the more we can meet all our needs and the more we can all win.”

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