Gordon Training News – 2021-2022

Well, a lot has happened to the world since our last news post, right!? So we’re just going to skip over 2020 and just get to the good stuff for 2021-2022, okay? Okay. Here we go!


We (Linda, I and Selena Castricone) revised and updated Linda Adams’ amazing book, Be Your Best. It is available through print-on-demand via amazon.be your best

Because classroom training could not be done due to COVID, we created online book club outlines for P.E.T., T.E.T., L.E.T. and Be Your Best and shared those with our representatives and instructors around the world. These book clubs continue to be offered, and are a really great way to introduce people to the programs.

Our Australian representative, ETIA (Effectiveness Training of Australia), asked us if they could offer pilot online workshops for P.E.T. since face-to-face wasn’t an option. We gave them the green light, then we watched their recorded Zoom sessions and online Gordon Model classes were born!

We announced online training as an option to our international network and it has proved to be an effective option when face-to-face is not possible.


Online training really took off this year around the world! Thankfully, classroom training is more common and viable, as there is no substitute for in-person classes.parenting germany

We had an impressive re-boot of P.E.T. in Germany with a new Representative, Ms. Lydia Klassen, who was an experienced P.E.T. Instructor there. Ms. Klassen and her team translated all the current P.E.T. materials and the German P.E.T. book publisher agreed to publish the revised edition of the book. P.E.T. has been a best-selling book there for 35 years. In September, Ms. Klassen held an Instructor Training Workshop (ITW), which was conducted by Master Trainer, Mr. Patrick Akrivos. A second workshop will be held in January, 2023.

Several ITW’s took place, ranging from a T.E.T. ITW for the Homestead School in Glen Spey, New York to a P.E.T. ITW for the Utah Navajo Health System, and one here in San Diego, all of which were conducted by Master Trainer, Mrs. Meike Lemmens. Master Trainer, Mr. Lauro Ortega, led a P.E.T. ITW in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam, sponsored by our Representative, FAROS. And Dr. Bill Stinnett, L.E.T. Master Trainer, led an L.E.T. Facilitator Workshop with candidates from Agilent Technologies and Oliver Tolas, to name a few, in Solana Beach earlier this year.

Meike also conducted the first-ever online L.E.T. course for a new GTI client, Eighty2i, with participants from five different countries. It was a great success!

Since 2022 marks 60 years since our company was founded by Dr. Thomas Gordon, we commemorated the occasion with a special video. It is available to the public on YouTube and we hope you enjoy it! Also, many of our international reps (China, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece and more) also had their own anniversary celebrations.

Even though thousands of miles separate us, the Gordon Model keeps us connected. Social media and photos and emails from around the world, helps us see the incredible impact of these skills on people’s lives. never ceases to amaze and inspire us.

We hope that this year was a happy, productive and fulfilling year for all of you! Now we look towards a new year, with new opportunities to bring the Gordon Model to more people around the world!

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