Gordon Training News – 2019

This has been a very busy and productive year for us in meeting our goal of continuing to make the Gordon Model skills available to more and more people throughout the world. Here are some of the highlights to share with you:

  1. The P.E.T. book has just been published in its 50th anniversary edition! Linda and Michelle Adams worked on updating the book with new examples, etc. This new edition has also just been published in French and will soon be available in Chinese as well. Dr. Gordon’s classic book has stood the test of time and we are very proud to have this updated version of it.
  2. Gordon courses became available in more countries around the world this year, mostly in Asia. In Vietnam, we held the first T.E.T. Instructor Training Workshop (ITW) conducted by Lauro Macias-Ortega. And the new Representative, Nguyen Thuy Uyen Phuong of FAROS Education, has also decided to offer both P.E.T. and Y.E.T.  Also, we have a new Representative for P.E.T. in Malaysia, Samuel Swea of Melody Group, and their first ITW will take place in 2020. In addition, some current Representatives decided to offer additional Gordon courses.  Among those are:  Heidi Malan of Parent & Educational Training in South Africa (adding L.E.T.), Nathalie Reinhardt and Paul Herlaut of L’Atelier Gordon (adding L.E.T.), Larissa Castro of Gordon Training Panama in Panama (adding T.E.T.), Believe in Lebanon (adding P.E.T. and T.E.T.), Odette and Jonathan Umali of Nurture Well, Ltd., in Hong Kong (adding Be Your Best and L.E.T.) Vivila Huang of Shanghai Singing Culture Communication in Shanghai, China (adding T.E.T.) and Jan Vavra of the Gordon Institut in the Czech Republic (adding L.E.T.)

    T.E.T. Instructor Training Workshop, Vietnam
    T.E.T. Instructor Training Workshop, Vietnam
  3. One of the most rewarding and fascinating projects was interviewing over 40 people who have been raised by P.E.T. parents. Sheryl Wilde of GTI, spent many hours speaking with both adults and teenagers throughout the world about their how they were brought up and what these skills have meant to them. People share some amazing and touching examples both of how their parents really lived the Gordon Model and how they themselves have integrated it into their lives. You can read them by visiting our parenting blog page on our website.

    Lance Johnson and his family. P.E.T. interview project.
    Lance Johnson and his family. P.E.T. interview project.
  4. Michelle Zheng, the Representative in Shenzhen and other Chinese provinces, is preparing to do an extensive research study on the effects of the Y.E.T. skills on youth. We are very much looking forward to knowing the results.
  5. We welcomed a new team member to our GTI staff recently. She is Tawn Babcock and is an experienced graphic designer and desk-top publisher and a great addition.
  6. Finally, we are nearly finished with revising and updating the L.E.T. program! We’ve been working on this project with master trainers for several months.  We’re still field testing it and we will make announcements about the changes and availability in May, 2020. (The 2012 version will still be made available to current trainers for a limited time—details on that will be shared in May.)
  7. On June 26-28, 2020, an international conference of GTI Representatives and top Instructors will be held in Burgas, Bulgaria, hosted by our Representative there, Darina Georgieva. Darina and her team are doing a very effective job of planning this conference and having it be meaningful to the participants. Michelle and Linda look forward to seeing everyone there.

To all of our amazing Master Trainers–Dr. Markus Talvio, Lauro Macias Ortega, Meike Lemmens, Dr. Bill Stinnett and Steve Crandall – we are deeply grateful to each of you for your invaluable contribution in helping us spread the Gordon Model around the world.  Your passion, dedication and energy are inspiring–we couldn’t do this work without you.

We hope that 2019 was a happy, productive and fulfilling year for all of you! Now we look towards a new decade and new opportunities to bring the Gordon Model to more people around the world.

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