Gordon Training News – 2017

Soooo much has happened with the Gordon Model this year!  First, we would like to thank all of our Representatives, Licensees and every Instructor both in the U.S. and in countries around the world for promoting and teaching the Gordon Model this year.  What you’re doing makes a difference.  Here are the highlights of 2017!

Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.)

P.E.T. had its 55th anniversary this year.  It was in April of 1962 that Dr. Gordon taught the first P.E.T. course in Pasadena, California.  And here’s what’s happening with P.E.T. 55 years later:

  1. P.E.T. is experiencing a new, fresh start in Hungary under the leadership of Ms. Eva Kiss, assisted by her daughter, Ms. Virag Szomora.  In May, our Master Trainer, Dr. Markus Talvio, gordon training international hungarytrained 20 new Instructors in Budapest.  And in October, Linda (President of GTI) and Michelle (Vice-President) traveled to Hungary and had the privilege of meeting these new P.E.T. Instructors as well as some long-time Instructors.
  2. We are very pleased to announce that we now have P.E.T. Representatives in several new countries—the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.  In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the new Representative,  Mr. Jan Vavra, organized two P.E.T. Instructor Training Workshops (ITW) in June where Markus trained 40 new Instructors.  More recently, Jan decided to represent T.E.T. as well.  Also, in June, Ms. Ekia Du became our Singaporean Representative and our newest Master Trainer, Ms. Meike Lemmens, traveled there to conduct the first ITW.  And in the UAE, Ms. Leandrie Pentz signed on as the P.E.T. Representative there.
  3. We also trained new P.E.T. Instructors in China—Mr. Steve Emmons conducted an ITW in Beijing in January where the Representative is Mr. Jason Zhang and one in Hong Kong in March where the Representatives are Ms. Odette Umali and Mr. Jonathan Umali.   Ms. Vivila Huang who is the Representative in East China sponsored an ITW in April which was conducted by Ms. Michelle Zheng.
  4. Ms. Francoise Labelle, our P.E.T. Representative in Mauritius, organized her first ITW which French Master Trainer, Ms. Nathalie Reinhardt, conducted.
  5. The Chinese P.E.T. Representatives, Ms. Mabel Zhang, Mr. Jason Zhang, Ms. Vivila Huang and Ms. Michelle Zheng, sponsored an annual P.E.T. conference in Chengdu that was attended by 250 Instructors, graduates and people interested in P.E.T.  Linda and Michelle were very happy and honored to be a part of that event.
  6. Here in the U.S. in October, we held a P.E.T. ITW in San Diego which was led by Meike.  Some of the newly-trained Instructors are already on their way to becoming to certified by teaching their first P.E.T course.

Be Your Best

2017 was an especially good year for Be Your Best.  Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Ms. Heidi Malan, our South African Representative for P.E.T, T.E.T. and Y.E.T., added Be Your Best to the courses that are offered there.  She herself began teaching the course and also conducted an ITW in which she trained 17 Instructors.
  2. While Michelle and Linda were in China, the Be Your Best book was published.  The publisher, Mr. Qin Qingrui, flew from Shanghai with a supply of books which quickly sold out at the P.E.T. conference.  Let’s hope that bodes well for the future of this course there.
  3. Mr. Alecos Papagos, our Greek Representative, is currently publishing the Be Your Best book, so it and the course will soon be available in Greece.  He plans to teach his first course in January.
  4. Father Paddy Tyrrell, who has taught over 4,000 parents, teachers, women, youth and leaders the Gordon skills, just ordered participant material for his January course.  Paddy is now 84 and still going strong.  He is proof that one does need to be a parent to teach P.E.T. (or a teacher to teach T.E.T., etc.).  What matters most is that he is an embodiment of the Gordon skills.
  5. Mr. Lauro Macias Ortega, our Master Trainer in Mexico, conducted both a Be Your Best ITW and a course there this year. He also translated the Be Your Best book into Spanish.

Youth Effectiveness Training (Y.E.T.)

  1. This was the year when Y.E.T. started in China and Markus led the first Y.E.T. course in Shenzhen and then the first Y.E.T. ITW which were organized by Representative, Ms. Michelle Zheng.  We have already scheduled a number of courses and ITW’s for next year and are very excited about the potential this course has to help kids learn these important life skills.
  2. Mr. Lauro Macias Ortega trained 13 new Y.E.T. Instructors in Mexico and several of them have already taught the course.
  3. Our Representative in Bulgaria, Ms. Darina Georgieva, recruited 27 already-trained P.E.T. and T.E.T. Instructors to attend a Y.E.T. Workshop led by Markus in mid-December.
  4. 226 young people participated in the Y.E.T. course in Lebanon through our Representative, Believe and Mr. Roger Nader. Believe’s mission is “to empower young people to become positive change agents and to build a culture of love and peace within their families and communities”.

Leader Effectiveness Training (L.E.T.)

This year in L.E.T. news:

    1. We now have an L.E.T. Licensee in China (Shanghai and in the Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces), Ms. Vivila Huang in partnership with Ms. Gina Li.  Gina will teach the first L.E.T. in Shanghai in January, 2018 and then we will have an L.E.T. Train-the-Trainer Workshop (TTT) there in 2018 as well, with Dr. Bill Stinnett.
    2. We had two L.E.T. TTT’s in San Diego — one with Bill and one with Mr. Steve Crandall.  Trainer candidates came from all over the USA and from China and Greece as well, most of whom have completed their first and second L.E.T. already.
    3. In August this year, we completed a revision of our L.E.T. training video that we use in our regular and Refresher L.E.T. Workshops.  This new and improved video (“Working Together:  the Gordon Model at Work”) will be available for purchase by trainers, licensees and L.E.T. Graduates in late January.
    4. Our Finnish L.E.T. Licensee, Markus, and his team have now trained 11 trainers and 31 participants since his first TTT in January–and over half of the trainers have taught their first L.E.T.
    5. We scheduled our L.E.T. TTT in 2018 and it will be in San Diego, May 14-18 with Mr. Steve Crandall.
    6. In South Korea, L.E.T. was offered to leaders in local governments and also through the largest private education institute for private companies through our L.E.T. Representative there, MDI, headed by Dr. Jun Ho Lee.  They also offered L.E.T. as a graduate course as Hoseo University.

Last but not least…

In June, we celebrated Linda Adams’ 50th anniversary as an employee of Gordon Training International. We had a luncheon and presented her with a special book of messages from Representatives, friends, family and clients from around the world.


What a year this has been both for our country and for the world.  We believe the Gordon Model is needed now more than ever.  We deeply appreciate everything that our Representatives, Trainers, Instructors and graduates do to spread it in all parts of the world.

We hope that the year ahead will be an especially good one for you!


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