Y.E.T. Core Competencies

After participating in a Y.E.T. Workshop, it is expected that young people will have the ability to:


1. Tune in to themselves and be aware of their important personal needs.

2. Distinguish between behavior of another person that’s okay with them and
behavior that’s not okay.

3. Determine which person “owns the problem” in a given situation.

4. Know what it takes to make and keep a friend.

5. Talk straight using Declarative I-Messages to express ideas, feelings and needs.

6. Acknowledge others with Positive I-Messages.

7. Prevent problems and conflicts using Preventive I-Messages.

8. Tune in to others to hear and understand them.

9. Recognize the signals that a friend or other person has a problem and needs their help as a listener.

10. Identify the 12 Roadblocks to Communication.

11. Avoid the Roadblocks that cause most helping attempts to fail.

12. Use silence, acknowledgments and door-openers to help another person with a problem.

13. Active Listen to hear their friend’s or other person’s feelings.

14. Determine what to do when another person’s behavior is not okay with them; is interfering with their meeting their needs.

15. Deal effectively with their own feelings of anger.

16. Develop a three-part Confrontive I-Message.

17. Confront another’s unacceptable behavior with an I-Message.

18. Shift gears between I-Messages and Active Listening when appropriate.

19. Overcome or reduce fears that block them from doing what they want to do or saying what they want to say.

20. Recognize conflict situations.

21. Avoid the use of win-lose conflict resolution (Method I and Method II).

22. Use the six steps of no-lose conflict resolution (Method III) to resolve a conflict between themselves and someone else.

23. Relate to people who are different from them.

24. Distinguish between Conflicts of Needs and Values Collisions.

25. Deal effectively with Values Collisions.

26. Set goals for personal achievement.

27. Make action plans to meet their important goals.

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