Be Your Best Onsite Workshops

Onsite Workshops

We can send one of our Master Trainers to your company or site for a workshop that focuses on your staff’s needs. We will help identify what issues you would like our skills training to address before the workshop takes place. We can customize in-class exercises to specifically address your group’s issues so topics will resonate with participants’ experiences, thus increasing their involvement.

These workshops are for eight to 20 participants and can be scheduled to fit your calendar.

Important notice:  Because we believe in protecting our Master Trainers (who are all vaccinated) from possible exposure to the COVID-19 virus, all participants must provide reasonable proof that they have been fully vaccinated prior to their attendance at one of our onsite workshops, even when it’s held at the sponsoring organization. Gordon Training International (GTI) adheres to all CDC guidelines. The venue of the workshop may also have their own COVID 19 requirements. Although it seems likely that the CDC guidelines will be updated many times before scheduled workshops, it seems clear that proof of vaccinations will remain a central requirement going forward.

For more information, please contact us:

Tel: 800.628.1197