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September 10th, 2018

What Are the Roadblocks to Helping Your Child?

By: Dr. Thomas Gordon

By:  Dr. Thomas Gordon  (excerpted from the P.E.T. Participant Workbook, 2017 edition) Throughout our lives, we have learned a variety [&h

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September 20th, 2016

12 Roadblocks Bingo Cards

Print out, cut out, and pass out these 12 Roadblocks Bingo Cards to the gang and see who gets a […] Marie Bryson

One of the most challenging bosses I ever worked for could also be, on the surface, one of the nicest. […] Michelle Adams

(from the L.E.T. book by Dr. Thomas Gordon) Ah yes, those pesky roadblocks! Perhaps you’ve heard of them, perhaps you’ve used them […]

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November 8th, 2012

Communications Roadblocks: How to Improve the Flow

By: Michelle Adams

Author/Creator: Alexander Denzler L.E.T. Trainer/Licensee for Saudi Arabia […] Dr. Thomas Gordon

(excerpted from his L.E.T. book) Quotes are grouped by category to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.  […] Marie Bryson

People are conditioned almost from infancy to think of feelings as bad and dangerous—enemies of good human relationships. People grow [&he

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October 18th, 2017

A Gordon Model Glossary: Ten Terms and Concepts for an Anytime Refresher

By: Marie Bryson

Whether it’s been five weeks or five years since your first journey into unfamiliar terrain where problems can be solved […] Marie Bryson

So, if you’ve been on a very long summer vacation—perhaps blissfully floating on a cruise ship, in the middle of […]