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whatWelcome! We’re glad you’re here!

Perhaps you’ve already heard of one of our programs, you did a search and here you are. Or perhaps you did a search for leadership training or parenting classes or conflict resolution and we’re new to you. No matter how you landed here, we’re glad to see you and we would like to help you.

We provide online and in-person workshops as well as instructor/facilitator certification (in-person) for a variety of programs that teach you a system of skills that you can use anytime, anywhere with anyone. This system of skills is called the Gordon Model (named after our Founder, Dr. Thomas Gordon) and we’ve adapted them to different groups: leaders, parents, kids, teachers and individuals.

In our workshops we teach using presentation, coaching, practice, role plays, video demonstrations, more coaching, discussion (did we mention coaching?), from a certified facilitator. We teach the concept of Problem Ownership via the Behavior Window which is a conceptual framework that we use to view others’ behaviors (what we see them say, what we hear them say).  We like to refer to it as the Relationship GPS as it helps you navigate the often bumpy or challenging road through the territory of relationships.  The Behavior Window shows you what to do when you own it (confrontation with I-Messages) and what to do when you don’t own it (Active Listening).

Additionally, we teach you a powerful skill called Shifting Gears that you can use when confrontation/conversations gets stalled. Further, we provide you with a comprehensive method for dealing with conflicts of needs and collisions of values (using a conflict resolution concept Dr. Gordon created, called Method III). Last but not least, we teach you the skills on how to prevent and reduce conflicts, increase collaboration and participation, how to express appreciation (and avoid praise) and how to strengthen and grow your relationships with genuineness, empathy and respect.

If that sounds good to you, then give us a ring or send us an email!

We will respond within 48 hours, assuming it’s not a Friday—our office hours are Monday through Thursday, 8:30-5:00, Pacific Time.

Thank you for visiting Gordon Training International!

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