What It’s Like to Be Raised with Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.)

(Part III in a series of Blogs written by kids of P.E.T.)

Blog post by: Mr. Jan-Wilkens Malan – Pretoria, South Africa

parent parenting training skills discipline raised resultsBeing raised as a P.E.T. child is an edge one cannot describe to the norm. As a P.E.T. child I feel I have been raised with a lot more open mindedness by being able to express myself from a young age. I look around at my friends and the people I share my day to day life with and then I realize how privileged I am to be raised by P.E.T. parents.

The biggest difference between me and my friends is that I actually share a real relationship with my parents not just because they’re my parents, I have a relationship and a friendship with them built on mutual respect and love only P.E.T. could provide.

I see myself as a lot more well-rounded in terms of emotions and people skills because of my upbringing. I easier understand why people react the way they do and can also provide much needed advice to my friends struggling with this.

P.E.T. is one of the biggest blessings I could have gotten from my childhood because it has helped me prepare and understand the world that awaits me.

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