Here’s to Thomas O’Gordon’s Clever Endeavor

Child dressed for St Patricks Day

In the year of 1962
Dr. Gordon decided to do
A course for every parent
Even those who were errant
And teach them what he knew.

He named it P.E.T.
Because he thought it could be
A model that could train
Parents not to cause pain
For him, that was the key.

He wanted parents to hear
The feelings of those they hold dear
So his lifelong mission
Was to teach how to listen
In a way that calms doubts and fear.

They also needed a good way
To express what they wanted to say
Without anger or blame
Or calling kids a name
An I-Message is A-Okay.

And here’s the very best news
Six steps that parents can use
And that’s Method III
It’s not you or me
The solution we reach is no-lose.

What Dr. Gordon set in motion
Has now crossed every ocean
From here to Korea
Parents love his idea
He has their heartfelt devotion.

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