Eight Traits of Remarkable Leaders

Do you remember the last time you were in the presence of someone who made you feel important? There’s a good chance that you remember it vividly as they took a genuine interest in you and what you had to say. And it made quite an impression because you felt great about yourself after the conversation.

That someone had something called charisma. Some people have a knack for it, and you can immediately tell who they are because of the presence they exude when entering a room. Charisma can’t be faked, and you probably know a few people who really have it.

charismatic people great leadersPeople want to be around charismatic people. They are attracted to them and are eager to be in their good graces. And it’s why charismatic people naturally make great leaders. Here’s why:

1. They listen: More specifically, they practice Active Listening; being attuned to the person they are speaking with and acknowledging what they are hearing through verbal and non-verbal feedback while maintaining eye contact. It connects the sender (the one talking) to the receiver (the one listening) and gives the sender re-assurance that he is being understood.

2. They ask insightful questions: This shows the employee that his manager is genuinely interested in what he has to say and wants to learn more.

3. They offer clear, concise feedback: These are the managers who don’t beat around the bush by sugarcoating constructive criticism. They are quick to recognize a job well done, and they are also quick to provide valuable guidance when they see weakness.

4. They show respect to the person they are listening to, regardless of their title, time on job or reputation: Remarkable leaders don’t have egos. They aren’t pretentious, nor do they give an air that they are superior. They live their life trying to learn something from everyone they interact with.

5. They give people their undivided attention: In other words, when they talk to you, they aren’t glancing at emails, an iPhone, they don’t let others interrupt your conversation and most importantly, remarkable managers are mentally present.

6. They direct the spotlight on their employees: Remarkable leaders understand that people can’t be recognized enough. And when that recognition is given, they are so much more motivated to practice similar behaviors to bask in the light of accolades again, and again.

7. They don’t discuss the failures of anyone: Remarkable leaders are those employees can go to with the confidence of knowing that their conversations will be one hundred percent confidential. Employees also know that their failings or moments of embarrassment will never leak. Remarkable leaders understand the meaning of dignity.

8. But they admit failure: These leaders know it is important for others to know they are human and make mistakes just like everyone else. They will never act as if they know everything, rather, they use their failures to teach everyone that life is learning, and mistakes are essential to the lifelong learning process.

Charismatic people live a life of selflessness and understand that the art of building strong, lifelong relationships involves bringing out the best in others.

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