The O’Gordon Model – May It Always Be With You

Here’s a message in verse

To help you relate better, not worse

It will help you increase

The chance you’ll have peace

Using language that’s kind and not terse.

Our Window can help you see

Where to locate the “B”

Now you can learnlisten learn how to gordon model

Just how to discern

Is the problem with you, me or we?

When someone needs an ear

You can listen and hear

And help them unwind

Or maybe to find

A solution to their doubt or fear.

At the times you need to say

That it’s you who’s not okay

There’s a different skill

That will help you fulfill

Your needs in a non-blameful way.

Method III is the skill to use

Instead of to yell or accuse

So that you and another

Friend, boss or mother

Find a solution that’s no-lose.

Now it’s St. Patrick’s Day

And here’s what we want to say

May you thrive

And not just survive

In your unique and personal way.


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