Leadership Training: The Left-Brained Leader (Video Blog)

Companies know that you can have the most talented, intelligent, and experienced employees, yet they still most often lack any formal leadership and communication skills. Why is this? Many of the left-brained scientists, chemists, physicians, and programmers employed by Merck, a global healthcare company, excel with technical and analytical skills, but are hesitant when it comes to managing people – and their “messy people problems” as Dr. Bill Stinnett (L.E.T. Trainer since 1985) puts it. This is why leadership training is an invaluable—essential–component to increase the E.Q. (emotional intelligence). In leadership training such as L.E.T. (that has been taught at Merck since 1978), team members that have leadership potential learn how to effectively listen and resolve conflicts – so those people problems are not messy, but quite manageable.


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