Leadership Training: Beware of the GLOP! (Video Blog)

So what is “GLOP”? Bill Stinnett, Ph.D. and L.E.T. Trainer, explains that “GLOP” (General Labeling Of People) are judgments about other people’s behaviors. We do it everyday despite what we might have been taught in previous leadership training workshops. When was the last time you said something like “She’s really anti-social.”  Yep, that’s GLOP-ping. You just label the person as “anti-social” instead of describing the specific behavior that you see or hear, that’s causing you a problem (preventing you from meeting a need). And the danger of using a general label is that it’s difficult to resolve the conflict or issue since you’re not addressing the specific behavior that’s creating the problem. In working with others regarding problems in your relationship, and what should be stressed in effective leadership training programs, is that it’s important be specific!


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