Leadership Training: Answer My Questions and I’ll Fix Your Problems (Video Blog)

In leadership training such as L.E.T. (Leader Effectiveness Training), you learn there are 12 communication roadblocks (created by Dr. Thomas Gordon in the 60’s when he launched P.E.T.) – one of the most used ones is “questioning”. When someone comes to you with a problem, chances are one of your first responses is a question, followed by a series of more questions and then finishing off with some advice (another communication roadblock). Does this sound familiar? The problem with asking questions when the other person owns the problem is that it steers the conversation in the direction that YOU want it – not them. Asking questions also implies that the other isn’t capable of solving their own problem. A more effective response instead of asking questions would be Active Listening – where you feedback what you heard the person say to not only make sure you understand their problem correctly but also for them to hear their problem out loud.

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