Is 0% Turnover Achievable?

Finding and hiring good employees is quite expensive. Placing ads on sites like can run several hundred dollars each. Working with professional recruiters can cost thousands. And then there is the time investment of interviewing and training, which can take months, depending on the position that needs to be filled.

terminate employee leadership turnover rateA very close friend of mine once told me that she has only needed to terminate one employee in the past eight years, and other than two people who have retired, no employee has ever resigned. And it has little to do with monetary compensation, benefits or vacation time. It has much more to do with a list of her best employer/employee practices:

  1. Hire to the culture. Most employers boast a “work hard play hard culture,” but her company truly does have a work hard, play hard culture. Teams collaborate, ideas are openly shared and everyone voluntarily hangs in until jobs get done, regardless of how late the team needs to stay. And it’s not mandatory – it just happens. Much more consideration is given to attitude, morals and team mentality than technical skills. Better to douse flames of enthusiasm than stoking fires day after day.
  2. Hire people who are so passionate about what they do that they do it as a hobby. Would you rather hire a web developer who comes with a four-year degree and nice portfolio? Or, someone who has been developing stunning websites ever since he can remember without ever setting foot in a classroom?
  3. Hold appreciation days. Every six months, salespeople are required to get their hands dirty for two days designing and building products on the floor with fabricators, and fabricators spend two days shadowing salespeople. This type of culture ensures that everyone has a high level of respect for everyone else’s job, and it also nurtures camaraderie and rapport.
  4. The CEO provides frequent feedback to all employees. Where most leaders give feedback only when mistakes are made or hold their thoughts until it’s time to give annual reviews, this CEO gives feedback, both good and constructive, at every opportunity. She understands how vitally important communication is.
  5. Employ E.Q. skills. E.Q. skills are more commonly referred to as “people” skills. These include Active Listening, efficient conflict resolution, and empathy.
  6. Ensure that each employee knows and understands how he or she is part of something much larger than him or herself. Victories are celebrated, and failures are lessons. Each employee understands his or her “why” in the company and has a strong sense of purpose.
  7. Employees are consistently given a challenge and enjoy meaningful work. Goals are found at every intersection of every project so that small victories are celebrated throughout each day. People go home with a sense of accomplishment almost every day.

This leader intuitively understands that employees are people, and people have needs that need to be met. It comes down to creating a culture people are passionate about and one they don’t want to leave.

Can you achieve 0% turnover at your company? Everyone needs a goal, and this may be one of the best ones to have.


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