Do You Know What Every Leader Should Know?

what leaders should know leadership trainingLiz Carter was appointed operations supervisor at her bank.  At about the same time, Wayne Howard was elected president of his service club. Andrea Martin finally achieved her lifelong ambition of becoming vice-president of sales at her company.  After six years as a first-line supervisor in a manufacturing company, Eric Morrison was moved up to plant manager.  Anna Vitale was voted student body president at her university.

Their friends congratulated them and told them how much they deserved the new position.  One phoned her husband and excitedly announced the good news.  Another took his family out for dinner to celebrate.  All felt proud of what they had achieved.  Secretly, they all felt they had “arrived”, “made it up the ladder, “got to the top.”

These are the universal reactions of people who get appointed to position of leadership.  They feel, “I’ve made it.”

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