Do You Have Managers Who Lack People Skills?

Raise your hand if you or someone you know has been promoted due to job expertise but lack the people skills to make managing more effective? What is often overlooked (which creates frustration for both the manager, the people who report to them and their boss) is equipping the manager with the skills to listen, confront and actually manage people.  Lack of leadership skills is often the downfall of a newly promoted manager.  Leader Effectiveness Training can remedy this situation.  Steve Crandall, L.E.T. Master Trainer for Gordon Training International since 1983, speaks about how the L.E.T. program gives new managers a whole set of listening skills to better understand the needs of their people and the organization.  It provides a set of assertive skills that allows the manager to express their needs and be able to have others understand the manager’s challenges.  Additionally, L.E.T. teaches conflict resolution and values collision skills that help them prevent and reduce conflicts between all levels that they interact with.

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