More Summer News for 2014

P.E.T. Instructor Training Workshop in South Africa

Last December, our P.E.T. program was endorsed by Child Welfare South Africa (CWSA), thanks to our dynamic and passionate P.E.T. Representative there, Heidi Malan. And since the success of P.E.T., Heidi decided to offer more Gordon Model programs! So just last month, new groups have completed Instructor Training Workshops for our Teacher Effectiveness Training (T.E.T.) and Youth Effectiveness Training (Y.E.T.)  programs. These workshops took place in Pretoria, South Africa. 19 participants attended these workshops, facilitated by P.E.T. Master Trainer, Steve Emmons.

So who’s been an LET client the longest you ask?

Welllll…..Kurt Salmon, that’s who! Pronounced “sahl-mun”, KS has been offering LET since 1978, which is incredible, yes? They are the premier international consulting firm for healthcare, CIO’s, retail and financial organizations. So just a few weeks ago in Atlanta, GA, yet another L.E.T. Trainer from KS joins the international cadre of Gordon Model trainers as he had his “co-teach” class with L.E.T. Master Trainer, Steve Crandall–who, by the way, has been teaching L.E.T. since 1983!

Coming up this month, we will have PET, CRW, LET and LET Refreshers in:

June 3-5:                    LET                    –    Saudi Arabia
June 3-July 22:     PET                    –    Pittsfield, IL
June 3, 17, 24:       CRW                   –    Augusta, ME
June 6, 20, 27:      CRW                   –   Augusta, ME
June 7-Aug 2:         PET                    –   Aurora, CO
June 9-11:                  LET                    –    McAllen, TX
June 10-11:               LET                    –    Rapids, MI
June 10-12:               LET                   –    Versailles, France
June 10, 12 & 19:  LET                   –    London, ON, Canada
June 11-12:               LET                    –    Miami, FL
June 24-24:             LET Refresh. –    Grand Rapids, MI

For more information on PET  workshops, please send an email to

For more information on CRW, LET or LET Refresher workshops, please send an email to


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