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The Great Potential of the Teaching-Learning Area

One of the major frustrations of teachers, if not the major frustration, is that they so often feel a deep sense of failure because they cannot practice their profession—teaching. Teachers everywhere complain about lack of time to be a teacher, to facilitate learning. Some blame today’s students because they may seem harder to teach, less interested, unmotivated, or lacking in discipline. One teacher admitted, “I feel I have to be an entertainer and compete with Smartphones and apps  to attract interest—and I don’t have their budget.”

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Teachers are Human, Too

The Acceptance-Unacceptance Rectangle helps us understand that teachers will inevitably be inconsistent. Pity the poor teacher who tried to live up to the admonition of the principle to be consistent when the teacher finds his/her feelings changing from day to day, moment to moment, from student to student and from situation to situation. This advice ignores these differences in feelings, people and places and has had a harmful effect upon teachers in influencing them to pretend, to act the part of a person whose feelings are always the same.

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Listen Up! Helping Children Deal with Difficult Emotions

The other day I read an article about Andy Williams, the 15-year-old Santana High School student in San Diego, California, who in 2001 shot and killed two schoolmates and wounded 13 others. When asked about her son’s actions, Andy’s mother replied, “I never saw any real moodiness there, other than teenage stuff, and then you’d just change the subject and he was fine.”

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Teacher-Student Conflict Resolution

Method III in the Classroom

Situation: Brad, a boy in a second grade class, has been disrupting the class for some time by refusing to remain at his seat or in a reading group. Miss Stein, the teacher, has sent several strong I-Messages concerning her need to be able to teach the class without interrupting herself to deal with Brad, but to no avail. Finally, she decides that a conflict of needs exists and resolves to try Method III.

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