What Does the “Effective Parent” Do?

The central goal of P.E.T. is to present skills that can help parents have happy, healthy and satisfying relationships with their children.

The P.E.T. model of Parent Effectiveness and the course activities that are designed to meet those goals:

A. The Effective Parent Listens with Understanding
To help children and others solve their own problems.

P.E.T. SKILLS: Helping skills that assist children and others in dealing with their own problems and needs.

B. The Effective Parent Communicates Honestly
To disclose feelings and needs to prevent conflicts.

Disclosing to your child positive feelings about him/her.
Disclosing or Declaring to your child what you need and want; what you value and believe.
Preventing a possible future problem by letting your child know your needs.
Effective Confrontation when your child’s behavior has interfered with your life.

C. The Effective Parent Problem Solves Fairly
To resolve conflicts between parent and child

P.E.T. SKILLS: No Lose Method of conflict resolution when what you need or want conflicts with what your child needs or wants.

D. The Effective Parent Shares Values Respectfuly
To resolve values collisions between parent and child

P.E.T. SKILLS: Values Collision Skills for dealing with values differences.