Leadership Training: I’d Rather be Dead Than Empowered (Video Blog)

Bill Stinnett, Ph.D (L.E.T. Master Trainer) discusses how poor leadership training, if taught too quickly or superficially, can be seen as a tool to manipulate employees. Many of those in the training field have introduced so many, many ideas/programs quickly either in one day, half day or a couple of hours (think “McTraining”) and it’s backfired. Linda Adams (President and CEO of Gordon Training International) writes in her article Learning a New Skill is Easier Said Than Done , “No matter what new skill we decide to learn, there are four learning stages each of us goes through. Being aware of these stages helps us better accept that learning can be a slow and frequently uncomfortable process.” An effective leadership training workshop such as L.E.T. acknowledges that communication skills are complex and student needs enough time to practice, fail and practice the skills again.


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