Leadership Training: Fear of Change (Video Blog)

Date: February 2nd, 2012

Leadership training can be seen as an opportunity, but sometimes can be perceived as somewhat daunting. For some, being sent to leadership training means they must be lacking skills, or their communications skills aren’t good enough, or they are doing poorly at their job. Bill Stinnett, Ph.D. (L.E.T. Master Trainer) explains that in any training, and especially Leader Effectiveness Training, the purpose is simply to provide a new set of skills that can be used to further success within the workplace. It’s like going to the hardware store and buying a new set of socket wrenches – it doesn’t mean your old rusty, worn wrenches will be taken away from you – but once you get your hands on the new tools and you see how you get the job done faster and easier – why go back to the old ones?


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