Parent Effectiveness Training, P.E.T., Book

By Dr. Thomas Gordon, softcover

Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) began in 1962 as the first national parent-training program to teach parents how to communicate more effectively with kids and offer step-by-step advice for resolving family conflicts so everybody wins. This beloved classic is the most studied, highly praised, and proven parenting program in the world. Revised and Updated 30th anniversary edition.
Customer Reviews from Amazon.comAmazing training for Parents
by F-jose Navarro Molina

"The best basic training program ever. Amazing. You will never make more excuses for not having a good educated and disciplined child. Never punish a son or daughter again. Its effectiveness is incredible."

P.E.T. -- a life-changing classic how-to
by John from Chester (Chester, NJ USA)

"My wife & I took the P.E.T. course & read the book when our own children were young. Now we are giving the book to them (and re-reading it ourselves) for our grandchildren. The methods the book teaches are broadly applicable to dealing with people -- in the workplace and social situations as well as with children. These are not some gimmicks or tactics, but healthy and fulfilling ways of dealing with people.

Actually DOING what the book says is not easy, especially with life-long habits in doing it another way. Having a spouse or others also trying is very helpful. But when it works, it is absolute magic! Buy this book and really give the approach a chance."

Read it before your baby arrives, then keep referring to it as your child grows
by Amber Castillo

"I was pregnant the first time I read PET. It was a real eye-opener and it helped my husband and I craft our own ground rules about how we were going to raise our son. Before he even arrived, we had already agreed on how we would handle certain situations and didn't have to wait until we were right in the middle of an issue before discussing it.

Our son now is a bright, healthy, happy child who is independent, curious about the world around him and is rarely upset or taciturn. I believe it's all because we have found a way to cater to his needs that is fair for all of us in the household.

This is the beauty of PET. It is a not cookie-cutter, one-size-fit-all approach. The strategies are universal certainly but what it really teaches you is a way to communicate better with your child (even with each other) that is respectful of the differences in all of us.

I still read this book in order to keep refreshing the principles in my mind. I'm sure it will continue to be great resource well into my child's teens.

I can't recommend this highly enough."

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