NEW! Credo Plaque

Shortly after the first P.E.T course in the early 1960’s, Dr. Thomas Gordon wrote The Credo for My Relationship with Others. "I believe I was inspired to write the Credo by Kahlil Gibran’s beautiful poem in The Prophet, which begins with: "Your children are not your children…" I also wanted a brief summary of the key skills taught in P.E.T.–something at the end of the course to give to parents as a reminder of what they learned in the class."

As part of the 50th year anniversary of GTI, we now offer the credo as a plaque. This is a simple, elegant way to remind yourself of the Gordon Model skills - whether you have participated in P.E.T., L.E.T., T.ET. or any other GTI workshop.

We will also include a Behavior Window magnet and wallet card.

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Price: $39.95
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