Teaching Children Self Discipline – Kindle Book

The author of the best-selling Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) shows why traditional disciplining doesn't work at home or in the classroom, and how to change children's behavior effectively using skills of cooperation instead.

Dr. Thomas Gordon addresses the number one concern of parents and teachers today - disciplining children. Drawing on published research findings as well as his own experience as a clinical psychologist, he makes a provocative case against punitive, power-based methods of discipline - which only cause new problems, from rebellion to depression - and advances a workable alternative. He debunks myths about praise and reward systems, too. Some will find it controversial, but parents and teachers frustrated by the failure of "dare to discipline" and "tough love" style approaches will welcome Dr. Gordon's arguments and embrace the alternative he describes.

Gordon discards the notion that adults must be either strict or permissive with children, offering a third approach that results in solutions and agreements that meet the needs of both adult and child. Under its influence, children learn the all-important skills of self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation, and consideration of others. Kids also enjoy a greater self-esteem - essential to positive mental health and scholastic achievement.

Passionate and persuasive, this book will change not only the way you approach disciplining children but very likely the whole texture of your relationship with them - for the better.

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