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Spanking Outlawed in South Africa – Words from our P.E.T. Representative – November 2017
Take the P.E.T. Quiz on Problem Ownership and See How You Do! – October 2017
How We Are Crippling Our Children with Discipline – August 2017
Confrontive I-Messages in Action – July 2017
Oops! We were so excited to send the Family Connection… – June 2017
When Both of Us Own a Problem: The Six Steps of the No-Lose Method – May 2017
Do You Compromise with Children or Use Win-Win – And What’s the Difference? – April 2017
How to Hear What Your Child Is Really Saying – March 2017
Parenting Myths Debunked – February 2017
Upcoming P.E.T. Classes – January 2017
Looking Back at Some of the Best Parenting Blogs of 2016 – December 2016
Can I Use Method III with My Very Young Child? – November 2016
How Do the P.E.T Principles and Christianity Align? – October 2016
What to Do When You Need to Confront Your Child – September 2016
The Many Different Kinds of Listening – August 2016
The Discipline Debate – July 2016
“An Open Letter to My Child Who is in the Next Room”: Rewriting A Mother’s Letter to Her Teenage Daughter – June 2016
My First Parent Effectiveness Training Class – May 2016
Everything You Want and Need to Know About Active Listening – April 2016
Why Won’t My Dogs Listen to Reason? – March 2016
More Help From Active Listening-the Essential Skill for Parents – February 2016
What’s this Irish Priest Got to Do with PET? – January 2016
The Scoop on Why P.E.T. is Only Taught Live and in Person – December 2015
Do Your Children Really ‘Make’ You Mad? – November 2015
Me & Parent Effectiveness Training – October 2015
How To Help Your Child to Behave Out of Consideration Rather than Compliance – September 2015
Everything You Need to Know About Active Listening – August 2015
When To and When Not To Active Listen to Your Children – July 2015
P.E.T. Skills With The Very Young: You Can Change Behavior You Don’t Like Without Using Punishment – June 2015
How the Evidence of Today Supports the Wisdom of Yesterday: Why Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) Works – May 2015
Some Pearls O’Wisdom on Power from Dr. Gordon – March 2015
To Tell or Not to Tell: Discussing Your Parenting Skills with Your Kids – February 2015
When a Choice is Not a Choice – January 2015

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